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Easy Filipino Appetizers for Your Next Party

Easy Filipino Appetizers for Your Next Party

Are you planning what to cook for your next party or dinner with friends? Skip the usual finger food and try these Filipino appetizers that will add some local flair to your menu. This delicious list includes Pinoy classics like calamares and fresh spins on Pinoy food like monggo croquettes, and even some easy canapes. We also included a section for the all-time handaan favorite lumpia with a few variations you can try.

Classic Filipino Appetizers

These appetizers are classics for a reason. Learn how to make these party staples at home with the use of simple ingredients and easy-to-follow procedures that’ll make your gatherings unforgettable.

Chicharon Bulaklak

Make the effort and finally learn how to make chicharon bulaklak with this easy-to-follow recipe. Impress your friends and indulge in this crispy pulutan classic that’s delicious and budget-friendly too!


Make this restaurant-style calamares in only 15 minutes! With the simplest of ingredients, this Pinoy finger food packs on the flavor by using Knorr Chicken Cube in the breading. Dip that in the delicious sriracha mayo dip made extra creamy with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise and you have an easy pinoy finger food to snack on all night long.

Crispy Shrimplets with Pipino-Pinakurat Sauce

Craving for seafood but don’t want the usual stuffed prawns? Try this easy shrimplet recipe that’s bursting with flavors thanks to the refreshing and tangy combination of the cucumber and pinakurat sauce as well as the umami-rich glaze made with Knorr Shrimp Cube.

Filipino-Inspired Appetizers

Serving familiar snacks infused with Filipino flavors and ingredients will delight your guests at your next dinner party. Try something new with these easy yet tasty appetizer recipes.

Monggo Pork ala Con Carne

Serve the party-mainstay nachos with a dip that’s uniquely Filipino. This easy recipe sautees the ingredients with Knorr Pork Cubes for that mouthwatering and meaty flavor Pinoys love. Opt to melt the cheese on top for an extra-festive yet easy appetizer.

Creamy Gata Pineapple Chicken Balls

This straightforward recipe strikes a healthy balance between the rich flavors of the chicken balls and the creamy and tropical-inspired sauce made from Knorr Complete Mix Ginataang Gulay, pineapples, and bell peppers. It combines flavors that are familiar to the Filipino palate in a bite-sized snack.

Egg-citing Canapes

Want to elevate your gatherings? These ridiculously easy egg canape recipes add an egg-citing twist to your hors d’ouvres.

Egg and Bacon Canape

You can never go wrong with some bacon and eggs, but why not step it up by making it into a canape? Try this simple dish using Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise at your next party.

Creamy Deviled Eggs

Everyone knows how versatile eggs are. But what have you ever tried making them effortlessly fancy? Take your hard-boiled eggs to the next level by making them into yummy creamy deviled eggs. Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise really adds some creamy goodness to this easy recipe.

Easy Vegetarian Filipino Appetizers

More and more people are going vegetarian these days and we don’t want them to feel left out in our gatherings. Check out these easy vegetarian appetizers for a more inclusive menu.

Inasal na Mais

The humble corn can be served in a million ways but one of our favorites is serving it grilled and brushed with the flavors of Inasal. We use Knorr Liquid Seasoning in the mix to add that distinct Filipino taste everyone loves. Try making it for your next hang out with friends.

Banana Heart Balls

Make these delicious Filipino-inspired vegetarian croquettes using a plant-based powerhouse, banana heart. This healthy snack is easy to make and is packed not just with nutrients but also meaty flavors all thanks to Knorr Pork Cube. It’s a savory finger food that is sure to impress not just your vegetarian friends but all your guests at your next party.

Lumpia Appetizers

We just had to have our own section for lumpia recipes because we know that no party is complete without the iconic lumpia.

Lumpia Shanghai

Lumpia Shanghai doesn’t have a cult-following for no reason. It’s an easy-to-make and easy-to-devour appetizer that is present at all Filipino parties. Try this recipe using Knorr Pork Cubes mixed in the filling for a more indulgent taste.

Curry Chicken Lumpia Recipe

This creamy and spicy curry chicken lumpia recipe is a fresh way to serve fried lumpia to your guests. It’s an easy and delicious take on the classic that will surely level up your Pinoy appetizer spread.

Crispy Tinapa Rolls

This smokey and salty tinapa lumpia, flavored with Knorr Liquid Seasoning, will become a new favorite in your family gatherings. The crunch of a well-cooked lumpia combined with the complex flavors of the filling will have your guests asking not just for more, but for the recipe itself. Be the star of the next potluck and make sure to make a batch, or two, of these delicious tinapa rolls.

Lumpiang Gulay

Who can forget about the polarizing lumpiang gulay. Do we love it or do we hate it? We love it! The trick is to make the gulay taste meatier by using Knorr Chicken Cubes. This crispy and vegetable-filled roll is a perfect starter to serve up when everyone’s trying to get their dose of vegetables while still enjoying themselves.

Fresh Lumpia

Not everyone loves their lumpia crispy. For some, fresh lumpia reigns supreme. We can’t blame them. Between the delicious filling and the sweet-salty sauce on top, we can’t help but love fresh lumpia. Try this healthier alternative to lumpia for your Filipino party.

Filipino appetizers don’t need to be boring. With these recipes, you can create a party spread that’s full of delicious bite-sized-food that’s easy to make and will surely please every single one of your guests. Try making some, or all if you’re adventurous, for your next party!

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