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Frequently Asked Questions

Recipedia® is a digital platform focused on offering the most delicious recipes for every occasion and season along with the best recommendations for your diet.
It is a tool that Recipedia® makes available to all users in order to facilitate seasonal, occasional recipes, etc. And so they have these delicious dishes available, giving variety to the diet week after week and facilitating the purposes of our users.
We know that the taste for food comes through many interests. Our recipes are categorized by: Dish type, Cuisine, Ingredients, Diet, Budget. And many other options, we guarantee that the more you browse our site you will find excellent recipes and our system will recommend new dishes whenever possible.
Currently our recipes have images so you can recognize the recipes focused on a special diet, this means that you can easily identify which recipes contain dairy, lactose, grains, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan and more.
If you have not answered any questionnaire since you arrived at our site, we will not be able to know what style of recipes you are looking for, therefore it will not be possible for us to offer you similar options and it is likely that you will lose the experience of trying delicious options that we would love to share with you.
Please try clearing browser cache and reloading the page or use incognito mode. Please also check your internet connection. If the issue persist - contact support.
Please make sure you disable any browser extensions or VPN that may interfere with Recipedia website. Make sure you've filled all the fields on a sign-up form. If the issue persists - please contact support.

It is the sodium salt of the amino acid glutamate and is used as a flavor enhancer. Glutamate is one of the amino acids with the greatest presence in nature, it is found in foods such as tomatoes, cheeses, mushrooms, meats, seafood and even in breast milk. Both MSG and free glutamate are metabolized in the same way in our body. Numerous studies carried out worldwide indicate that monosodium glutamate consumed at levels approved by international and national authorities is safe for the general population.
No, Unilever guarantees the quality of its products during the useful life period that is marked on its packaging, as long as the handling of the product has been confirmed as indicated on the packaging.
You can view this information in the product packaging.
In the preparation of Knorr® products, natural ingredients are used such as meat, vegetables, fats, spices and condiments and some additives that help enhance the flavor of your meals. All comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Health, and international organizations, ensuring the quality of the products and the health of the consumer.
It is not harmful. Unilever's mission is to provide consumers with products that help them look and feel great. Therefore, we only offer products whose consumption, as part of a correct diet and healthy life habits, fulfill this mission. In addition, at Unilever we only include ingredients that have been approved and comply with all national and international safety standards.
No, the product is free of preservatives because it is made with dehydrated ingredients.
No, these products are not recommended for consumption by people with celiac disease, since some of their ingredients may contain traces of gluten.
Knorr changed the type of fat used in its cubes for a 100% vegetable fat without this affecting the flavor of your dishes.
No. At Knorr we only use high-quality ingredients whose safety has been verified by national and international health authorities.

Our mayonnaise and dressings are made with eggs. The egg from its origin, contains cholesterol. Moderate consumption of this type of product is completely safe, however, if you have a specific dietary requirement or have any questions, we recommend consulting your doctor.
The diet of a person living with diabetes must be carefully nutritionally balanced and under the supervision of a health professional. Although our mayonnaise and dressings are reduced in fat, we recommend that you consult a health professional to ensure that the consumption of any product is safe for you.
Yes, once the product is opened, it must be closed again in its original packaging and kept refrigerated.
We recommend that you consume the products before their expiration / expiration date, in order to guarantee that the flavor and attributes of the product are maintained and that the performance in your applications is as recommended.
The egg is of animal origin (chicken egg).
Although our products do not contain wheat derivatives in their formulation, we always recommend consuming certified gluten-free products in case of celiac disease.
Yes, our product packaging is recyclable.
Yes, since they do not contain milk in their formulation. In any case, always remember to read the list of ingredients of the products to identify if they contain milk.
No. Currently, we do not have vegan products in our portfolio.
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