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About Us

Tara, kain tayo!

Three simple words to express love without saying it. It's the love language of Filipino culture that reflects our joy in bonding over delicious food. After all, the best memories happen during mealtime, don't you agree?

Recipedia Philippines is a food-loving community made by cooking experts to inspire home cooks from all walks of life. We believe that it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated to prepare sarap meals.

Whether it's for a quick lunch, fancy dinner party, or snap-worthy desserts to accompany your day, Recipedia shares incredible food and dessert recipes that will make you become the master of your kitchen. All recipes included here are carefully crafted and tested by our chefs.

You can count on us to save time and money in the kitchen with smart cooking hacks and tips. You'll be surprised how fun and easy it is to create delicious food and desserts from scratch to satisfy your cravings and complement your lifestyle.

At Recipedia, we encourage you to be fearless when it comes to food. Whenever you are in doubt about what or how to prepare that special dish, Recipedia is with you. Tara, kain tayo!

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