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10 Affordable Pica-pica Food Ideas for a Flavorful Filipino Party!

10 Affordable Pica-pica Food Ideas for a Flavorful Filipino Party!

There’s no denying it: Filipinos love their flavors, from pica-pica food that sets the mood for the rest of the feast to main courses and desserts. When Pinoys host parties, the events are usually a smorgasbord of textures and flavor profiles that tickle the taste buds from start to end. Impress your guests right from the beginning with these party pica-pica food ideas Filipinos can’t get enough of. Our picks aren’t just affordable pica-pica food perfect for gatherings; they’re finger food favorites that are jam-packed with flavor, too! Plus, we’ve got helpful hacks that make your pica-pica food ideas healthier and a tad tastier than the rest.

1. Calamares

Crunchy calamares crisped to golden perfection… tell us your stomach’s not rumbling at the thought alone. A popular finger food option, these golden squid rings are a rich source of protein and amino acids, too. What’s more, they only take about 15 minutes to cook once you get the hang of it.

Our simple recipe has two secret ingredients that will surely make your calamares a party hit: Knorr Chicken Cubes for the marinade and Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise mixed with sriracha to give your dipping sauce that extra oomph.

2. Chicken Poppers with Adobo

Gata Sauce
Here’s affordable pica-pica food that will please even the pickiest of eaters – great to have around at children's parties: chicken poppers! Keep a failsafe mayo-and-ketchup combo for the kiddos to dip their poppers into. And for the adults who might prefer something more sophisticated on the palate, you can always prepare our recipe for Chicken Poppers with Adobo Gata Sauce. The dish becomes a tangy, creamy, savory creation as long as you use Knorr Complete Recipe Mix Ginataang Gulay. The best thing? You can prepare the chicken poppers in advance and store them for later.

3. Chicharon Bulaklak

Arguably one of the best Pinoy bar chow dishes (plus an uber affordable pica-pica food option), Chicharon Bulaklak or pork ruffle fat makes for that heavenly textural combination: both crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth. While pork ruffle fat is technically more tissue than fat, the ingredient isn’t necessarily the healthiest snack out there – which is why it’s suitable for the occasional celebration or get-together. It’s an especially great option for those on a Keto diet!

Whip up some homemade Chicharon Bulaklak that bursts into flavor with the help of some bay leaves, spiced vinegar, and Knorr Pork Cubes. Healthy foodie hack: Instead of deep drying your Chicharon Bulaklak, pop a generous serving in your air fryer. This mode of cooking also makes preparation easy and fuss-free. Just marinate and leave inside the air fryer to cook, while you tend to your guests.

4. Chicken Inasal

Move over fried chicken, and make way for this well-loved Ilonggo recipe. Chicken Inasal, once Bacolod’s claim to fame, has now made it to mainstream Pinoy cooking. You’ll see restaurants across the country dedicated to this tasty chicken dish that’s also excellent finger food for your Pinoy party, especially if you keep them bite-sized in sandwiches or skewered on handy barbecue sticks. Follow our failsafe Chicken Inasal recipe; we know it might be intimidating to baste Chicken Inasal in its own drippings at home, but it’s easier than it looks.

5. Gambas al Ajillo

Another pica-pica food idea for seafood lovers: good ol’ Gambas al Ajillo. A hearty serving of restaurant-quality gambas doesn’t require much skill or time in the kitchen, especially when you have this handy Gambas al Ajillo recipe guiding you. Since we’re tackling a list of pica-pica food ideas Filipinos will love for parties, we start with portions for three people – but you can always add more if you’ll be throwing a huge bash! No matter the serving, don’t forget your lemon slices for that extra zest and mashed Knorr Shrimp Cube for flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

6. Garlic Butter Shrimp

Another shrimp favorite that will make your party planning a lot easier because it can go from pica-pica food to ulam of the day like it’s no one’s business. We love a multitasking dish because life’s too short worrying too much about the spread when you’re supposed to be enjoying the festivities with your guests. So go ahead, prepare copious amounts of this simple Garlic Butter Shrimp recipe. If there’s extra, your friends can bring home some, too. What a treat!

7. Lumpiang Shanghai

What’s a Pinoy party without Lumpiang Shanghai? This mainstay has made it to many memes and viral content about the typical Filipino get-together, so much so that it’s almost a crime not to include it in Pinoy birthday bashes. Celebrate any milestone with this Lumpiang Shanghai recipe made extra special with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise; it makes for a lovely ground meat binder, trust us. And for dipping sauce? Sweet and sour always hits the spot.

8. Pork Sisig

When it comes to sisig, there are two factions: mayonnaise or no mayonnaise? No doubt Pork Sisig is a party staple that’s certainly among pica-pica food ideas Filipinos love, regardless if they’re Kapampangan. If you’re “team no-mayonnaise,” don’t knock our Lady’s Choice Pork Sisig until you’ve tried it. You’ll be surprised at the number of converts this dish has won over.

9. Grilled Pork Skewers

We’re loving our protein-packed list of affordable pica-pica food ideas so far, and we’re almost at the end of it. Let’s not forget classic finger food like pork skewers. Grilling the meat not only makes this a healthier alternative; its smokey quality brings out the dish’s succulent character. If you want to surface more mouthwatering flavor, grill those skewers! Here’s an easy-to-follow preparation that lets you enjoy Grilled Pork Skewers with Green Chili. Concerned that some of your guests might prefer less spice? Serve your green chili on the side. For a little something extra, skewer your meat with veggies or pineapple.

10. Ukoy

An homage to street food, ukoy or okoy (shrimp fritters) packs lots of flavor in a finger food dish that’s easy on the wallet. Deep-fry your own ukoy at home to crispy perfection and watch as your guests get full on pica-pica alone. They’ll have a hard time stopping themselves from snacking on your ukoy creation, especially if you pair it with these best dip recipes made with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. Don’t forget to tell them to leave room for the main course!

And oh – there’s still dessert. If you’re throwing a party that’s all about Filipino flavors, might we suggest some buko pandan recipes or these sugary creations with a superstar ingredient: leche flan. Yum.

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