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3-Ingredient Desserts Using Leche Flan

3-Ingredient Desserts Using Leche Flan
Add a citrus profile to your flan with some dayap.

Leche flan is the ultimate crowd-approved sweet treat. This Pinoy version of crème caramel features an amber top, a smooth custard, and golden syrup. Often prepared in oval tins called llaneras, the flan is easy to make yet celebratory in nature – the reason it’s a fixture in many local feasts. Eggs, milk, and sugar are the three primary components of a Filipino flan recipe. However, it isn't uncommon for home cooks to introduce innovative twists to the classic.

Over the years, variants like strawberry, coconut, ube, coffee, chocolate, and cream cheese have surfaced. You can also find them in every thinkable shape and size or reincarnated in various desserts as a topping, filling, or base. Nope, leche flan is not just an extra layer for halu-halo anymore! Here are some creations (using three ingredients!) to prove the point.

1. Turon de Leche

A little goes a long way when filling lumpia wrappers with custard!

Give turon a milky glow-up by replacing the usual saba bananas with slices of caramel flan. You and your guests will love the contrasting combo of the crisp wrapper and the velvety warm custard. Sounds tempting? To make this treat, fill lumpia wrappers with leftover flan, roll, and dredge in brown sugar. Fry your turon de leche in hot oil until crispy and caramelized. Alternatively, cook it in an air-fryer for a healthier option.

2. Caramel Custard Milkshake

A scoop of ice cream can thicken shakes instantly.

Satisfy your milkshake craving at home using just three ingredients. Combine three (or four!) scoops of Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream and ¼ cup of fresh milk in a blender. Add ½ a tin of leche flan, pulse until the mixture reaches your desired consistency, and then pour the shake into tall glasses. For an Instagram-worthy creation, pipe whipped cream on top and drizzle with flan syrup. To round out the diner-style experience, pair the beverage with hearty burgers, chicken wings, and fries.

3. Leche Flan and Ube Crepes

Instead of fruit, fill your crepe with leche flan.

Level up Filipino classics like ube halaya and leche flan by enrobing them in a thin, French-style crepe. To breeze through the task, don’t hesitate to use a thinned-out pancake mix. Or, you can also use store-bought frozen wrappers. Spread ube and lay a couple of flan slices on a sheet before rolling. Top with fresh fruits, drizzle with syrup and finish with a scoop of ice cream.

4. Custard Trifle

The best-tasting desserts are often the simplest ones to make.

Fruit salad, buko pandan, and mango float are handaan staples. But if you want to serve something new to your guests, take inspiration from English trifle – a hassle-free layered dessert with colorful components. Create a simplified version using a secret ingredient: caramel flan! Take glass cups and alternately layer graham crackers, custard, and cream.

Besides the biscuits, you can use ladyfingers, sponge cake, or otap. Add fruits for a refreshing twist! The top choices are mangoes, bananas, and mixed berries. Serve completely chilled for the best experience.

5. Choco Flan Cake

Gussy up cakes with a layer of leche flan.

Do you need help deciding between flan and cake for your party? Why not enjoy both? Marry the best qualities of these two desserts in a choco-flan cake made with simple pantry staples. To do this, start by choosing a boxed cake mix, then prepare it according to the package directions. Next, grease your pan lightly. Add your flan mixture, followed by the cake batter. Bake in a bain-marie until the cake sets. Let cool, then invert the dessert into a serving platter.

Others call this the impossible cake because the mixtures separate during baking to produce a two-layered cake. Kids and kids-at-heart will think it's magic! No oven? You can also prepare this in a steamer. Serve with whipped cream to balance out the flavors and texture.

6. Creamy Custard Donuts

Take fried sugar donuts up a notch with a leche flan filling.

Transform plain bakery donuts into artisanal-style brioche with a handful of ingredients. This budget-friendly merienda only takes a few minutes to prep. Begin by making horizontal slits on freshly made donuts. Next, sandwich a thick piece of flan in between the buns, then finish off with a dusting of powdered sugar. Say hello to creamy custard donuts!

7. Leche Flan Jelly

Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors pair well with flan.

Gelatin is a simple dessert that deserves more attention. Time to give it a quick upgrade! How? First, prepare a sweetened jelly mixture (opt for a fruity flavor to keep the treat light-tasting!). Next, pour this over a llanera already filled with cooked leche flan. Refrigerate until the dessert sets. Now you have a two-layer, jelly-flan dessert. Top with fresh fruit slices and enjoy!

If you love leche flan, here’s your chance to enjoy the dessert in new, innovative ways. Take your pick from these unique ideas that finish in no time. The best part? You don’t need to make the custard from scratch. Source store-bought flans or use leftovers from last night. What are you waiting for? Time to impress your guests and give these leche flan recipes a shot!

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