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How to Fancify Filipino Favorites With Angus Beef

How to Fancify Filipino Favorites With Angus Beef
Take classic Pinoy recipes up a notch by using this type of beef.

You see it written on the menus of fancy restaurants or labels of premium meat in the grocery store. But what does Angus beef mean? Is it better than other types sold in the market? And why is it more expensive? Keep reading to know the answers to these questions. Plus, learn how to elevate some classic Filipino dishes by using this impressive beef.

What is Angus Beef?

The name refers to a specific type of cattle. Like Wagyu or Kobe, Angus comes exclusively from a particular breed known as the Aberdeen Angus cow.

Originating from Scotland in the 1800s, this cattle variety is known for its black hide and lack of horns. A man named Hugh Watson started this breed to maximize the quality of its signature color. However, he soon realized that it was more profitable for beef. Since then, they have become the most popular variety in the United States due to its high caliber and ease of breeding.

Angus vs. Regular Beef

What makes Angus better than regular beef is its distribution of fat. Black Angus cows grow rapidly, developing large amounts of intramuscular fat. This marbling improves flavor and tenderness. It also keeps the meat juicy and moist even after cooking. More marbling means higher quality and price 

But not all Angus cuts in the market are equal. To jack up prices, some farmers label their beef as “Angus” even if not 100% from this cattle. Genuine Angus beef has the “Certified Angus Beef” logo, a brand stamp created by the American Angus Association. Through this identification, you’ll know that the meat passed 10 quality standards, including genetic testing, marbling and maturity, sizing, appearance, and tenderness. If you want quality guaranteed, always look for this stamp of approval on every piece of Angus beef steak you purchase.

Cooking With Angus

Ready to cook with this type of beef? Try using Angus cuts when making some Filipino favorites. Just remember not to overcook it, or else you’ll lose the flavorful and juicy characteristics you’re paying premium pesos for.

Beef caldereta

Traditional caldereta features goat meat, but switching it for Angus helps cut your cooking time. Premium short ribs take the dish to the next level! And it lets you skip the first step of tenderizing the meat for hours. Beef up the flavor by adding a Knorr Beef Cube while cooking. This warming and nourishing dish is the perfect celebratory pick-me-up on rainy days. 

Beef salpicao

Salpicao is a relatively simple dish involving only beef chunks and lots of garlic. Using the best ingredients is crucial in a streamlined recipe like this because there's nothing to hide behind. A good salpicao is all about highlighting the meat, which is why you should choose a top-notch cut. Use Angus beef steak parts, like tenderloin or sirloin, to make your salpicao the one everyone looks forward to during get-togethers.

Bistek Tagalog

Like salpicao, bistek Tagalog only needs a few ingredients. So, make your beef the star! Slice it thinly instead of cutting it into chunks. Be generous with the onions and garlic. And don’t forget the calamansi, which helps counterbalance the beef’s richness. Tender and tasty Angus brings this simple yet satisfying ulam to new delicious heights.

Burger steak

You’ve heard of an Angus beef burger, so why not make it into a classic burger steak a.k.a. Salisbury steak? Using Angus is a perfect way to level up this fast-food favorite at home. Go the extra mile and make smooth, creamy gravy loaded with fresh mushrooms. Pour this over the beef patties and steaming white rice for one fantastic meal.

Whatever you decide to make, remember to treat your Angus beef with care. Simple is the way to go! Don’t overdo the seasonings and flavorings and allow your premium meat to do the work.

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