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Get the Feels Again With a K-Pop Themed Samgyup Afterparty

Get the Feels Again With a K-Pop Themed Samgyup Afterparty

Still can’t get over watching your bias sing and dance to your favorite song in person?

Celebrate and reminisce with your fellow once by throwing a Kpop-themed samgyupsal party at home with this DIY guide. From Korean barbecue, dipping sauces, all the way to the banchan (sides), we have all the recipes you need to have a delicious Korean feast celebrating your favorite girl group. All that’s left is for you to decorate, gather your friends and favorite videos, and finally learn the choreo to your new favorite song so you can dance the night away.

Essential Samgyupsal Kitchen Tools

Before getting started on buying your ingredients and prepping them, make sure you have the essential kitchen tools to make your Kpop-themed samgyup party a success. Here as some of the basics:

  1. A table-top bbq griller – This can be an electric bbq grill or a portable gas-powered stove with a korean bbq griller on top. These are widely available online or in your favorite Korean grocery.
  2. Metal tongs - These will be used for cooking your meat on the grill.
  3. Metal chopsticks - This is a great alternative to metal tongs for cooking the meat. They double as utensils for you and your guests too.

Pork Samgyupsal Recipe With Dipping Sauce

This pork Samgyupsal recipe is delicious on its own, even without the dipping sauces, all thanks to a quick marinate in Knorr Liquid Seasoning Original. Take it to the next level with the easy-peasy dipping sauce that’ll make you go woohoo with every bite.

Say Yes to These Other Samgyup Dipping Sauces

What samgyup party is complete without dipping sauces? Just like your favorite girl group, you can’t just have one. Here are six dipping sauces to buy from your local Korean grocer and an extra one to make at home.

  1. Sesame Oil with Salt and Pepper - Simple and delicious, this 3-ingredient dipping sauce is a staple for any Samgyupsal party.
  2. Ssamjang
  3. Gochujang
  4. Ganjang
  5. Korean-style BBQ Sauce A.K.A. Bulgogi Sauce
  6. Yangnyeom Sauce

Extra Kimchi Mayo Dipping Sauce:

Make your guests feel special with this kimchi mayo dipping sauce. Usually paired with fried food, this sauce also goes well with Samgyupsal. To make, simply mix equal parts kimchi and Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise for a creamy, tart, and spicy dipping sauce that’ll elevate your KBBQ game. Finely chop the kimchi before mixing or add everything in a blender for a silky-smooth dipping sauce.

More & More Banchan Sides

No Samgyupsal party is complete without the banchan. Banchan is composed of a wide array of side dishes to accompany main dishes in Korean meals. Some of our favorites include classic kimchi, Gamja Jorim ( Korean braised potatoes), Kongnamul Muchim (seasoned soybeans), Sigeumchi Namul (seasoned spinach – we like to use kangkong), and Oi Muchim (spicy cucumber salad). For more ideas, check out this article on Samgyupsal sides.

Bonus: Make Korean Ramen To Make You Feel Like the 10th Member of Your Favorite K-Pop Girl Group

When once gathers, it’s bound to be an all-nighter. We can’t keep the fire grilling all night so if you’re hungry and need some energy to keep dancing and singing, make some Korean ramen. It’s quick, easy, and filling. Plus, we know for a fact that this is your girl group’s favorite food to eat in a jiffy. Make it as is or take it up a notch with these 8 popular ways to prepare Korean noodles.

With these recipes, we guarantee a fun and sentimental night reminiscing the sea of candy bongs making waves in Bulacan. Sing your favorite tunes, dance to the beat, and celebrate over the delicious Korean food. You deserve it!

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