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Got the Midnight Munchies? Prepare These 8 Korean Noodles

Got the Midnight Munchies? Prepare These 8 Korean Noodles

It’s midnight and there’s one thing on your mind that you know can only satisfy your late-night hankering: Korean noodles. A steaming bowl of bouncy, curly noodles in a bold, heady broth that can awaken even the weariest of senses — what’s not to love about Korean ramen noodles? What could just be better snack after a fun night out with the troop or in the midst of wrapping up a season of your favorite K-drama?

The best part about Korean instant noodles — apart from them being done in a jiffy — is their versatility when it comes to being modified based on personal preferences. Want them spicy enough to numb your tongue? Possible. Want them to have a Filipino flair? Pwede. Want to pick up your chef’s hat and go gourmet on them? No one’s stopping you! 

The possibilities are endless when preparing Korean noodles. Here, you’ll find popular and trending recipes that you can whip up to enjoy a bowl of Korean noodles at home, using a humble pack of instant noodles, in new and exciting ways. Rest assured that you’ll only come up with delicious results, even in the dead of night.

What are Korean Ramen Noodles?

Do you know the difference between ramyeon and ramen? The former is Korean noodles that are instant and affordable. These usually come in packs or cups sold in supermarkets or 24/7 convenience stores. Meanwhile, traditional ramen is a popular Japanese dish that puts together fresh noodles, a meat-based broth, and various toppings in a bowl.

A pack of Korean instant ramyeon is made up of dried or pre-cooked wavy noodles and packets of seasonings and flavorings. These components are soaked in hot water to put the dish together in mere minutes. It’s simple, easy, and convenient — a perfect way to satisfy hunger pangs any time of day. Nowadays, so many flavor variations are being sold in the market. Here comes the exciting part: You can tweak these Korean noodles to your liking!

Popular Korean Noodles Recipes

Nothing wrong with cooking a plain Korean ramen noodles as the packet instructed. But when your travel itch begs to be scratched, we have several inspirations on how to zuzh up the unassuming Korean instant noodles.

1. Kimchi Ramyeon 

Nothing can be more instant than this creative way of leveling up simple Korean noodles. All you need to do is to prepare the instant noodles as instructed. Together with the noodles, drop in as much kimchi as your heart desires. That’s it! If you want to be a little extra, you can also toss in some cubed soft tofu, nori strips, or fresh mushrooms. Enjoy!

2. Spicy Cheese Ramyeon 

This dish feels like a warm, tight hug — the type you need after a long, stressful day. But preparing it won’t cause even an ounce of stress, so much so that even pre-teens can prepare it sans adult supervision.

Start by cooking the noodles as instructed. Drain out the liquid and replace it with milk. Add the noodle seasonings and simmer for a while. Turn off the heat and top with a slice of your favorite cheese. Anything from processed cheddar to Parmesan to mozzarella is workable!

3. Rabokki 

Here is a famous Korean snack that combines two favorites: ramen (ra) and tteokbokki(bokki). Rabokki is a dish that puts together ramen noodles and chewy rice cakes in a savory-spicy sauce. Simply combine gochujang, Knorr Liquid Seasoning, sugar, and garlic to make a sauce. Stir this into a broth made with Knorr Chicken Broth Cubes, then add ramen noodles, rice cakes, and fish cakes. It’s that easy! You can top it off with soft-boiled eggs, Korean dumplings, and nori sheets.

4. Korean Spicy Cold Noodles

Korean spicy noodles can be served cold, too! Take inspiration from the traditional BibimGuksu and make this quick and easy midnight snack. First, prepare the sauce by combining gochujang, Knorr Liquid Seasoning Chili, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar, and garlic. Cook ramen noodles as instructed but rinse them in ice-cold water immediately. Drain, toss in the sauce, and top with any vegetables in your fridge. Done!

5. Jajangmyeon 

Ever wondered what those Korean black noodles are that you always see in K-dramas? The dish is called Jajangmyeon and it’s made of noodles topped with black bean sauce. It’s widely available in Korean restaurants but you can also replicate it at home. Start by stir-frying black bean paste with some sugar; set aside. Stir-fry pork or chicken with onions and cabbage. Return the black bean paste and stir in chicken broth. Thicken with slurry, then pour over cooked ramen noodles. Enjoy it while watching your favorite K-drama!

6. Jjapaguri 

This dish rose to fame when it was featured in the popular movie Parasite. Many moviegoers searched for this dish right after watching the film. But the best part is anyone can prepare it themselves. Jjapaguri is a combination of Chapagetti(an instant noodle version of Jajangmyeon) and Neoguri (instant udon-style noodles) that are both available in Korean grocery stores. To finish, top it off with seared sirloin or a fried egg.

7. Mayo Ramyeon

This TikTok ramen hack has received many hearts. While some might find the combination strange, the end product is nothing short of fantastic. You start by cooking the noodles as usual. Mix together some Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, a raw egg, grated garlic, and all the instant noodle flavorings. Pour in some of the noodle cooking water and mix well. Add in the noodles and you are ready to slurp these creamy Korean noodles down.

8. Stir-fried Ramyeon

Not in the mood for soupy noodles? Try this stir-fried version that is just as warm and delicious! Pick out your favorite Korean instant noodles and cook as instructed. Drain out the liquid. Now, take a wok and heat some oil over medium-high heat. Stir-fry onions and garlic until fragrant. Add pork or bacon slices and cook until browned. Add other vegetables and mushrooms you like. Season with some of the noodle flavorings; add soy sauce and gochujang if you want. Toss in the noodles and stir-fry until browned.

These Korean ramen recipes promise comfort without the need to exert too much effort in the kitchen. Just imagine all the delicious midnight treats you can create with a pack of fire noodle ramen, a handful of vegetables, and some pantry staples like Knorr Liquid Seasoning and Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. Try any of these recipes next time a craving hits and rest assured that you won’t see Korean noodles the same way again.

Don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends. For your next Netflix marathon, try out more snack and dessert recipes from Recipedia.

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