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Upgrade Your Egg Salad Sandwich Using Leftovers

Upgrade Your Egg Salad Sandwich Using Leftovers
Give your basic egg salad sandwich an edge with flavorful leftovers.

Are you looking to add new flavors and textures to your egg salad sandwich? An easy way to achieve variety is by using unusual ingredients in your go-to recipe. Look to your leftovers for inspiration – see what you can salvage, and get creative with all-new combinations!

Do you have leftover chicken adobo from last night’s ulam? Use it to make a meaty breakfast sandwich inspired by the classic Filipino stew. Is there a jar of atchara sitting in your fridge? Add it to your sammie for a sweet-and-sour surprise. Best egg salad sandwich recipe ever! If you’re ready to transform a bland sandwich into something grand, keep reading for more tips.

A Basic Egg Salad Sandwich Recipe

A basic egg salad consists of hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. You can also add mustard, celery, onions, and fresh herbs to give it a more interesting flavor profile. Once the salad is ready, you can spread it on your favorite bread.

Pre-sliced white sandwich bread (known to many Pinoys as “tasty”) is the classic choice, but feel free to use whatever’s on hand. Try ciabatta for a crispy and chewy bite, or baguette if you want to go all-in on crunch. For something with more fiber, whole wheat pandesal is the best.

Top your sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and other add-ons. One perk of a sandwich this simple is it’s endlessly customizable! Typical picks include cheese, avocado, and bacon. Other options, like the ones listed below, are on the unexpected side – but they work. You have to try ‘em!

7 Filipino Ingredients That Elevate a Classic Egg Salad Sandwich

Add herbs and vegetables to your egg salad spread for flavor and texture!

Thrifty Filipinos will never throw out perfectly good leftovers like adobo or lechon manok. If you’re bored of eating them the same way again and again, add them to your sandwiches!

1. Shredded chicken adobo

Fry up day-old adobo until crunchy, then shred them into flakes for your sandwich. The slightly tangy, savory meat will add lots of umami to an otherwise dull meal. Load up your bread with egg salad, top with the adobo flakes, and enjoy with a runny, sunny-side-up egg. Who can say no to an egg-on-egg sandwich?

2. Tinapang bangus

Fold shredded tinapang bangus into your egg salad for a healthy protein boost. Complete the sandwich with sliced tomatoes and pickled red onions to complement the smoky fish.

3. Atchara

Atchara is a pickled salad of shredded papaya and carrots. It’s sweet, tangy, and often served with inihaw to add brightness and crunch to any meal. Try it with chicken adobo or tinapang bangus in your egg sandwich.

4. Longganisa

Use crumbled longganisa to bring smoky, spicy, and sweet flavors to a light and creamy egg sandwich. This is your chance to enjoy this garlicky sausage on the go – there’s no need for utensils. Play up the sweetness by using fresh pandesal!

5. Tuna spread

Swap out mayonnaise with tuna spread for extra flavor!

Substitute the mayo in your egg salad with Lady’s Choice Tuna Spread. It’ll make every bite more interesting by giving it a subtle tuna flavor. Plus, you can use the spread on its own, too!

6. Lechon manok

Home cooks love to use leftover lechon manok to make easy chicken sandwiches. It cuts costs and makes prep easier since you don’t have to cook the chicken separately. But if you only have a small portion of lechon manok to work with, add it to your egg salad spread instead!

7. Potato chips

Here’s a trick that can work for any sandwich: tuck your favorite potato chips in therefor extra crunch. Make sure to add them just before you dig in so they stay crisp.

Fold these ingredients into your egg salad sandwich mixture or use them as toppings alongside lettuce, tomato, and other veggies. Either way, they’ll offer something new!

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