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If you want it sweetish, then add fresh fruits like diced apples or dried fruits like raisins. If the preference is on the sour side, then add-ins like pickles and pineapple chunks can do the trick. And if it’s savory that you’re looking for, protein like ham or shredded chicken and grated cheese can provide some umami. But, really, the best macaroni salad can balance out all these flavors in one masterpiece. That’s sweet, sour, and savory in every spoonful! And that’s it! Serve this salad as a side dish to any roast and grilled dish or as a substitute for rice when consuming crispy fried items. You can even simply have it as a snack with crackers or bread rolls. Isn’t it so easy to prepare a macaroni salad that perfectly balances sweet, sour, and savory flavors? Make it today!

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