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The trick to getting kids to eat more of this salad is to ensure that it is made well. Think about it this way, if you aren’t going to eat it what makes you think your kid would want to? Keep these things in mind for great tasting salad that the family can have for baon. Prepare your salad ahead of time Hungry kids become irritable and impatient. Eventually, they lose interest and will snack on whatever they get their hands on. Make this salad in advance, chill in single serve containers in the fridge. When prepping the salad for baon, consider storing in Mason jars to keep the greens fresh. Just don’t forget to give the salad a good stir, toss or shake before serving it. Experiment with flavors To get the family into eating healthier, include their fave fruits and vegetables in the recipe. Basics like a macaroni fruit salad, would be more enticing when you add ingredients that kids enjoy. Add some carbs Some people find salads unsatisfying because of the lack of carbohydrates. Remedy this by adding pasta noodles to it. Filipino fruit salad is a perfect example of a fruit dessert enhanced by elbow macaroni. You can also turn mixed fruit salad into a tasty tortilla wrap with mango mayo dressing. Store salad properly Any fruit salad recipe that contains mayonnaise should never be frozen. Unlike tomato based past sauces, mayonnaise isn’t meant to be frozen, it also does not thaw very well. Attempting to defrost mayonnaise will result in the oil from separating. Instead, store mixed green fruit salad in the fridge, this will keep for as long as 5 days. It is also important to use airtight containers to keep it fresh. No one likes a soggy salad after all! Getting kids and even adults to eat right will sometimes require some creativity. Food you make shouldn’t just be nutrient rich, it should also appeal to all senses. Therefore, preparing colorful and attractive food can help entice the pickiest eaters. Additionally, the use of premium ingredients, like Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise turns ordinary dishes like fruit salad into something extraordinary!

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