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Tasty Uses of Lady's Choice Mayo with a Bonus Garlic Mayo Recipe

Tasty Uses of Lady's Choice Mayo with a Bonus Garlic Mayo Recipe

Lady’s Choice mayo is an essential pantry staple that can be used in a variety of ways. From appetizers to desserts, mayonnaise is a kitchen powerhouse that adds creaminess to your favorite recipes. Here are surprising ways to incorporate Lady’s Choice mayo in your everyday cooking, plus a few mayo recipes, and a versatile garlic mayo recipe that you can use for dips, sauces, or anything you can think of.

Ways You Can Use Lady’s Choice Mayo

In Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Instead of using butter to slather on your bread slices when making grilled cheese sandwiches, try using Lady’s Choice mayo instead. Mayo's high smoke point helps you toast your sandwiches for longer to create a crispier, more flavorful golden crust.

For a Moister Brownie

Next time you’re making brownies and you’re out of oil, try using Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise instead. Use ¾ cup of mayo for every 1 cup of oil used and watch as it does wonders to the brownie’s texture. Try this with a boxed brownie mix for an easy and moist brownie with a rich homemade taste.

As A Substitute for Sour Cream in Banana Bread

A lot of baked goods benefit from using mayonnaise including this Filipino favorite, banana bread. While both are creamy additions to baked goods that result in a moist crumb, sour cream is a bit more tart than regular mayo so compensate by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar per cup of Lady’s Choice mayo. For a recipe that already uses mayonnaise, try this Banana Bread Recipe.

To Make Extra Fluffy Eggs

Take the humble scrambled eggs and elevate them into an indulgent dish by adding a dollop of Lady’s Choice mayo. This simple addition will create creamier and fluffier eggs that you’ll be tempted to make every single morning.

As A Substitute for Egg Wash in Breading

Replace your egg wash with Lady’s Choice mayo when you’re breading meats or chicken to reduce the 3-step process of dredging down to 2. The mayonnaise will help seal in the moisture of the meat and help the breading cling to the meat better than just ordinary egg wash. All you need to do is dip the egg in the mayo and then the flour mixture before frying.

Mayo Recipes To Make Everyday More Delicious

Cheese and Pimiento Dip

Make this classic pimiento recipe that’s made creamier with Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise. Use it as a spread for your sandwiches or as a dip for your appetizers, this mayo recipe is handy to have in your recipe box for last-minute appetizers.

Savory Umami Bomb Dip Recipe

This quick and easy dip takes only 3 ingredients to make but has a complex taste that will leave you wanting more. Use it as a dip for fries, chips, or even fried chicken for that creamy texture that only Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise can give.

Caramelized Onion and Bacon Dip

Take the extra time to make this mayo recipe because it’s worth the effort. The bacon and the caramelized onions, when combined with Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise, create a complex dip that’s sweet, salty, smoky, and flavorful.

Garlic Mayo Recipe and Ways to Use It

Use this simple garlic mayo recipe to have this useful and tasty pantry staple always available. Simply mix 1 cup Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise with ½ tsp chili powder, ½ tsp ground cumin, and 1 clove of minced garlic in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste and you’ll have a creamy and flavorful garlic mayo that you can use in a number of ways. Here are some ways you can use this tasty mayo:

Use as a Dip for Shrimp Scampi Or Squid

This simple garlic mayo recipe is the perfect complement to balance out the flavors of shrimp or squid.

Eat it with Bread

Do as the Spanish do with their aioli and eat this garlic mayo recipe with crusty bread.

Use it as a Salad Dressing

Make your salads creamier, and a little indulgent, by using garlic mayo as the dressing.

Top Your Hotdog Sandwiches With It

Instead of the usual Lady’s Choice mayo and ketchup, why not try topping your hotdogs with garlic mayo for that extra oomph of flavor.

Eat it with Fries, Onion Rings, or Any Deep Fried Favorite

This garlic mayo recipe is perfect to eat with any deep-fried favorite. Try replacing your usual dip with garlic mayo and now you have a new dish that you can enjoy.

Use it as a Sauce for Burgers

Burgers are no longer eaten with just ketchup and cheese. There are all kinds of sauces like barbecue and bleu cheese. Go simple and tasty by using garlic mayo as a sauce in your burgers.

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