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6 Recipes to Make With All-Purpose Cream and Bouillon Cubes

6 Recipes to Make With All-Purpose Cream and Bouillon Cubes

When we think about all-purpose cream, the dishes that come to mind are often of the dessert variety, save for a few savory options like chicken sopas. Why limit yourself when there are many dishes to be made with this versatile pantry staple!

All-purpose cream comes in cartons and tin cans and can be easily found in any grocery store. Athough the name suggests versatility, this type of cream does not whip very well. All-purpose cream works great on salads, desserts, soups, dips, dressings — any dish that needs a creamier consistency.

Want to zhush up your meals with some all-purpose cream? Here are some ideas worth trying:


A classic beefy lasagna always hits the spot. Here’s a tip on how you can make it taste even better. Crumble a Knorr Beef Cube as you sauté your ground beef. Make sure to spread it evenly. For a more subtle flavor, you can also dissolve it in water and add it to the pan in increments. Once it browns, toss in your tomatoes and tomato sauce.

You can also make the entire dish creamier with all-purpose cream. Create a Pinoy-style bechamel by mixing 250-ml all-purpose cream with grated cheese and butter. Assemble your lasagna by alternating pasta sheets with meat. Add one generous layer of your bechamel. Top everything with more grated cheese before putting it in the oven.

Creamy Tinola

Save for the usual pastel, and chicken a la king, dishes like curry, adobo, afritada, and pininyahang manok are some local dishes that can be enhanced with cream. Ever heard of hearty chicken tinola with cream? Apart from using Knorr Chicken Cube, you can add a touch of richness with all-purpose cream recipe. Just take the tried and tested tinola and add cream before you take the finished pot off the heat.

Crispy Binagoongan in All-Purpose Cream

A primary source of protein in the country, pork is a mainstay in lots of local dishes. Binagoongan recipes vary from one province to another. Some stick with the standard pork and shrimp paste, while others use some coconut milk. Level up this intense briny viand with a combination of coconut milk and all-purpose cream.

For every ½ cup of coconut milk, add 250ml of cream to counter the saltiness of bagoong. Take advantage of the full benefits premium quality bouillons can impart in a dish. With just a single Knorr Pork Cube, you get meatier tasting binagoongan.

Make this pork with all-purpose cream recipe, a dish your family can’t get enough of by frying your liempo. These contrasting textures will surely excite taste buds!

Rich and Creamy Spaghetti

Ever wondered why the nation’s favorite fast food spaghetti tastes so unique? Filled with hotdog pieces, the secret is sweet sauce spaghetti with all-purpose cream. Recreating this national treasure is as simple as adding 250ml of cream for every cup of tomato sauce. Take it a step farther by adding 250gms of minced chicken liver and a Knorr Pork Cube to get that authentic Bee spaghetti sauce.

Ice Box Cakes

Also known as “graham floats”, this popular dessert consists of graham crackers, all-purpose cream, and a seasonal fruit like mangoes. You can also use canned peaches, fruit cocktail, sliced bananas or strawberries. Floats are amazingly easy to put together and can substitute for sponge cake on any given day. Replace the graham crackers with broas and you’re on your way to making tiramisu.

Cream-Filled Donuts

We’re certain you’ve already caught a glimpse or already indulged in fluffy donuts filled with fresh fruits and cream. Delicious and ridiculously photogenic, these luscious pastries can be expensive. Our suggestion, make your own! Instead of using custard cream for the filling, whip up some cream and fill your freshly made donuts (we won’t tell if you cheat and buy simple glazed ones). Don’t forget to add the fruits. Popular options are strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes.

Storing Leftover Cream: What You Should Know

Unopened, all-purpose cream can stay in the pantry cupboard for months at a time. We suggest regularly checking the cans or cartons for signs of damage to avoid using tainted cream.

Some recipes use up only a portion of cream. When this happens, you end up with leftovers in a carton with a corned snipped off. Your best move is to transfer the remaining all-purpose cream into a sterile, clean, and airtight container before refrigerating. Refrain from leaving dairy products in an opened can or carton because this can still result in spoilage.

It is best to consume any excess cream within 4-5 days. Always taste opened cream before adding to any recipe. Even well-kept dairy can go bad!

Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with flavors and textures! Feel free to tweak dishes to your liking — it’s all about what makes your heart and belly happy. By finding the right ingredients, you’ll be able to pack in the flavor you’ve been craving for.

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