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7 Trending Drinks from Coffee Shops to DIY

7 Trending Drinks from Coffee Shops to DIY

There is no shortage of coffee shops in the country. You can find one in almost every corner, whether it be a coffeehouse chain, third-wave spot, or pop-up. They spoil coffee lovers with beverage options that are not as simple as plain brewed or iced. And as these shops compete for patronage, they constantly evolve and brew new offerings.

But since a signature blend or an innovative beverage doesn't come cheap, it helps to know what goes in every cup. And with that knowledge and a couple of ingredients you may already have in your pantry, you can go the DIY route and make these innovative drinks yourself. Are you feeling excited? Let's get started!

Nitro Cold Brew

What is nitro cold brew?

A variant of cold brew, nitro has been around for a while but is only slowly gaining traction now. Like regular cold brew, nitro goes through steeping for 24 hours. It is then infused with nitrogen to produce rich, creamy foam that resembles a beer head

How to make nitro cold brew at home:

Making healthy coffee with a hit of nitrogen at home is easy. You only need to pour the cold brew into a whipped cream dispenser, seal the flask shut, and charge it with nitrogen. Shake it a few times before transferring the velvety liquid into a tall glass.

Sea Salt Latte

What is sea salt latte?

Typically made with cold brew, a sea salt latte is a drink to get when you want to steer clear of bitter notes. This latte is distinguishable by its delicious, sweet cream with hints of saltiness to finish it off. Sweet, salty, creamy, and rich best describe the drink.

How to make sea salt latte at home:

The secret behind this beverage is the cream. Prep this by whipping sugar and cream using a whisk or hand mixer until thick and frothy. Add a teaspoon of sea salt flakes once you get the desired consistency. Pour the cold brew into a glass, add some ice, and top with the prepared cream for an iced latte. Garnish with caramel syrup and sea salt flakes.

Besides a latte, you can add this cream to an affogato. Do this by taking a scoop of Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream. Pour a shot of espresso over and finish with a dollop of sea salt cream.

Snapchilled Coffee

What is snapchilled coffee?

Snapchilling is the process of freshly brewing coffee and then chilling it immediately. Also known as flash brewing, the method uses hot water for extraction and produces a more flavorful cuppa since the coffee is fresher.

How to make snapchilled coffee:

Make the trendy beverage by placing ice cubes into a container. Next, extract the coffee directly above the ice using the pour-over method. Allow the ice to melt and enjoy your Snap chilled coffee.

Iced Matcha Cortado

What is iced matcha cortado?

Coffee shops serve a variety of matcha lattes. But this version is new to the scene: Matcha cortado is essentially a single shot of freshly made matcha tea and milk. You can drink the shot on its own or use it to make various matcha-infused beverages.

How to make iced matcha cortado at home:

Begin by heating 40ml of milk. Next, combine a small amount of that milk with 0.5 grams of quality matcha powder. Stir vigorously until the powder is well-dissolved. Pour in the remaining milk and add ice. Try it using almond, soy, or coconut milk, too.

Dalgona Coffee

What is dalgona coffee?

The go-to DIY coffee drink of 2020 is still very much around today. But unlike its earlier recipe, dalgona is now more complex. It can come infused with a seasonal flavor like peppermint or pumpkin spice. You can also find dirty chai with dalgona or an affogato topped with whipped coffee cream.

How to make dalgona coffee at home:

Classic dalgona coffee uses equal parts of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water. Whisk these by hand for 8-12 minutes or until the mixture becomes smooth and thick, like the consistency of whipped cream. Top this over a cup of coffee or milk.

Aside from instant coffee, you can follow the same procedure using other powders. For example, you can whip together honey, coconut milk, thick coconut milk, and ube powder for a vegan alternative.


What is horchata?

Horchata refers to numerous caffeine-free, plant-based beverages. The most common horchata drink uses long-grain rice to produce a creamy white liquid, which serves as a base for creating other recipes. Some blend it with animal milk, while others go for dirty horchata, which calls for coffee.

How to make horchata at home:

Authentic Mexican horchata recipes start by soaking rice, almonds, and cinnamon in water for at least 5 hours. Drain out the water and blend the pre-soaked ingredients with evaporated milk. Strain this mixture, then mix in sugar, vanilla, and additional milk. Finish with water and ice.

Whipped Lemonade

What is whipped lemonade?

Social media has become a fantastic resource for recipes. A perfect example is whipped lemonade, which has been making its way to coffee houses. Refreshing and light, it's a great drink to beat the hot weather.

How to make whipped lemonade at home:

Combine lemon juice, heavy cream, condensed milk, and ice in a blender; process until smooth. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a swirl of whipped cream. Since heavy cream can be expensive, try using Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream in its place. You can then remove the condensed milk or add it in moderation.

Found the trending drink you want to recreate at home? These recipes are easy to follow and require few ingredients. Imagine: you only need ice cream to create restaurant-style creamy beverages. Try them today and find yourself skipping coffee shops in the meantime.

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