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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the primary source of salmonella comes from chicken contaminated by foodborne bacteria. Thus, it is essential to refrigerate chicken within 2 hours of its purchase. More importantly, if you do not intend to cook or use a roast chicken marinade within two days, you must freeze your dressed poultry. Use a freezer-safe plastic wrap to preserve your bird's quality. You can serve this with a steaming cup of rice, a scoop of mashed potatoes, or better yet, a fresh green salad for an even healthier meal. Make this a part of your diet to reap the overall benefits of chicken. Roast chicken will never be the same in your household again when you serve this unique version. A great alternative for everyday rotisserie chicken, this glazed take is made meatier with the addition of a Knorr Chicken Cube dry rub. Skip store-bought roasted chicken for this delicious oven-baked version. Easy to make, this flavor-loaded recipe is a healthy alternative to skin-on roast chicken. Try it out and watch your family beg for more.

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  • Wheat Free

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