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Usually, kebabs are cooked more efficiently by grilling the skewered meat over an open flame. In regions where kebabs are part of the everyday diet, large grilling stations can accommodate dozens of skewered meats. Grilling gives any kebab recipe a nice smoky flavor and distinct grill marks. Cooking kebabs on a cast iron skillet can be a little limiting, especially if you intend to feed a large group. But a cast-iron skillet gets the job done perfectly for home cooking. The smoky taste may be a little subdued, but you still get the full meaty flavors and juiciness of kebabs marinated with Knorr Beef Cube. So, which one is better? It all boils down to preference. Either method produces filling and protein-rich foods in minutes. Take our kebab recipe and add your choice of vegetables. Popular options aside from tomatoes and onions are corn, zucchini, mushrooms, and cauliflower. Add pineapples, watermelon, peaches, and ripe plantains for a tropical flair.

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