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Potluck Party 101: What To Bring To a Potluck Party and Other Tips This Festive Season

Potluck Party 101: What To Bring To a Potluck Party and Other Tips This Festive Season

Are you planning a potluck party soon? If you’re wondering what to bring to a potluck gathering, we got you! We have practical tips for potluck party food, so you won’t go broke while throwing the bash.

If You’re Sending Out The Potluck Party Invitation

Tip #1: Assign Food Categories Per Guest.

One of the most vital tips in how to organize a potluck party is ensuring everyone enjoys a full meal. While you should give guests the freedom to choose which dish they should bring, you should assign food categories per guest. For example, certain guests should be assigned pasta dishes, while others bring barbecued goods.

Tip #2: Be Aware Of Dietary Restrictions.

Ask your guests if they have any food restrictions. Advise everyone in advance so they know what they shouldn’t include in their dishes.

Tip #3: Prepare A Playlist.

To ensure the potluck party won’t be dull or awkward, prepare a playlist. Ensure that other people can add songs to the playlist so everyone’s musical taste will be considered.

Tip #4: Ensure You Have Enough Beverages.

Your primary concern may be potluck party food but don’t forget to keep everyone hydrated. Make sure you have enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for everyone. Also, don’t forget to stock on ice. 

Tip #5: Make Sure Your Kitchen Is As Clean As Possible.

It’s inevitable that some guests would want to have their dishes garnished or microwaved. You should ensure you have enough space for these last-minute touches.

Tip #6: Don’t Forget The Essentials.

Aside from plates, you should ensure you have more than enough cutlery, cups, and napkins. Don’t forget the utensils, potholders, paper towels, and dish towels.

Tip #7: Create A Sign-Up List.

With everything you have to think about, you might forget to send reminder messages or directions to your potluck party. You should have a sign-up list of guests, so you have a cheat sheet on who to send messages or emails to regarding the potluck party.

Tip #8: Pick A Theme.

Add some fun to your potluck party by choosing a theme. From travel destinations to movie references, there are many ways to elevate your basic potluck party.

Tip #9: Develop A Serving System.

If you’re having a big group for the potluck party, make the waiting game for food exciting by choosing novel ways to call people to the serving line. For example, you can call November birthday celebrants or those with kids aged 5 or below. This will lessen the number of people waiting in the queue.

If You’re Wondering What To Bring To a Potluck Event

Tip #10: Bring Food That Can Travel Easily.

This is one of the best potluck party ideas if you think some of your guests will Sharon Cuneta their way after the party. Kidding! You wouldn’t want anyone’s potluck party food to spill in the car or bus. That’s why you should recommend people bring casseroles or slow cooker dishes.

Tip #11: Plan On Tinier Portions.

When thinking about potluck party food, you may think you should bring more than usual to ensure everyone is fed. Because there are so many options, not everyone might get some from the potluck food you brought. Plan your portions accordingly.

Tip #12: Bring The Utensils.

Don’t expect the host to supply enough serving utensils for everyone. Bring a large spoon for scooping or a set of thongs for your potluck party food. Don’t forget to look for your utensils after the party, though.

Tip #13: Label Your Dish.

Another thoughtful gesture to ensure you consider everyone’s diet restrictions is to label your chosen dish. People with allergies or strong food preferences would appreciate this immensely.

Tip #14: Consider Vegetable Dishes.

Most people attending potluck parties often bring hearty dishes like pasta or chicken. You should add variety to the table by bringing nutritious yet delicious vegetable dishes.

Tip #15: Give The Host A Gift.

Along with your designated potluck party food, you should bring a small token of appreciation for the host. A mini-basket of goodies or a bottle of wine would suffice.

While it’s inevitable for some mishaps or spillages to happen here and there, what’s important is that you all have fun at the potluck party. Life’s a party, after all!

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