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7 Out-of-the-Box Mango Graham Desserts for Summer

7 Out-of-the-Box Mango Graham Desserts for Summer
Mango graham is a Pinoy party favorite.

Mango graham is a fuss-free and inexpensive dessert to put together. It requires very minimal prep (no baking needed!) and just a few pantry staples – fresh mangoes, graham crackers, and condensed milk. If you have extra funds, you can easily dress it up with all-purpose or whipped cream for an incredibly indulgent panghimagas. Toss in toasted nuts and chocolate syrup, and it becomes even more heavenly. 

This icebox cake is a common sight at handaans and get-togethers. But why wait for a party to enjoy this luscious dessert? Take your pick from these easy, out-of-the-box variations and prepare the treat today!

1. Mango Graham Shake

Make popsicles or ice candy with leftover mango shake.

What’s summer without fruit shakes? Take advantage of the sweet mango surplus during the season by turning the fruit into a refreshing beverage. Level up your run-of-the-mill cooler by introducing scoops of Selecta Mango Graham Cake ice cream to your blend. Serve with crumbled graham crackers or crushed otap and whipped cream for topping!

2. Frozen Mango S’mores

Skip ready-made ice cream sandwiches with this recipe idea!

Making mango ice cream sandwiches at home is a cinch. It’s also a fun activity you can do with your kids. Start by gathering the usual mango graham ingredients but opt for Selecta Super Thick Mango ice cream instead of the fresh fruit. Layer the crackers, ice cream, and milk filling in a tray before freezing. For a special surprise, try adding marshmallow cream and sprinkles in there! Cut it into bars, then wrap each piece in cling film. Store them in the freezer to satisfy cravings quickly.

3. Tropical Graham Jelly

Source fun silicon molds for your gelatin.

A packet of unflavored gelatin is a convenient ingredient to have in your pantry. Why not use it to upgrade your favorite mango graham dessert? Combine the powder with pureed mangoes, sugar, and cream. Cook the mixture over low, then pour the semi-cooled liquid into single cups or a decorative mold. Garnish the treat with crushed graham and serve cold with a scoop of ice cream.

4. Mango Creamsicles

Use paper cups and wooden sticks if you don’t have popsicle molds.

Looking for a fun activity to do with the kids? Make refreshing mango popsicles! For this, you can use leftover shake or blend the fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream together. Pour the mixture into molds, but stop halfway through to add a layer of more fresh mangoes and crushed graham. Freeze for at least four hours and enjoy after some time under the sun.

5. No-Bake Frozen Mango Cheesecake

Cover your cheesecake in foil and freeze for at least four hours.

Take your favorite no-bake cheesecake recipe and give it a tropical mango graham twist. It’s as simple as adding a layer of fresh mangoes, puree, or jelly on top of your creation! The sweetness of the fruit effortlessly balances out the tang of the cream cheese. Of course, the graham goes into the cake’s base, but you can also sprinkle more for garnish. Serve this frozen for the ultimate summer after-meal treat!

6. Mango Graham Balls

Coat your graham balls with a layer of chopped dried mangoes, nuts, or white chocolate.

Are you looking for a fun, three-ingredient summer treat? How about making graham balls? A standard recipe calls for crushed crackers and condensed milk. Step it up a notch by stuffing each ball with a mango cube. Alternatively, coat each ball with finely chopped dried mangoes, nuts, or melted white chocolate for added texture. Let set in the fridge before munching nonstop. Got extras? Share them as gifts or sell some online!

7. Fruity Graham Parfait

Add a layer of granola to your cups for extra crunch.

Who can say no to a mango graham cake? Those counting calories, perhaps! Make sure they’re not left out by whipping up a healthier version of the classic treat. Do this with a few ingredient swaps. Instead of whipped cream, go for Greek yogurt. Replace the crushed graham with granola. Layer everything in clear glasses, so your guests can easily see what they’re consuming.

Bring life to tired cakes and floats by trying these mango graham variations! The best part? These dessert ideas take minimal effort and only a handful of ingredients to prep. Whip them up and have them on hand whenever you need a tasty treat to beat the heat.

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