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6 New Ways to Serve Buko Pie at Your Next Reunion

6 New Ways to Serve Buko Pie at Your Next Reunion
Never serve buko pie the same way again.

Buko pie is close to the hearts of most Filipinos. No trip to Laguna is complete without tasting this local creation and securing boxes for pasalubong. Those coming from Tagaytay, Batangas, and Quezon take a detour to get their fill. And most families already have a preferred brand. Is it The Original, Letty’s, or Colette’s for yours?

The pie’s simplicity is why it reigns supreme, but the best part is how it leaves much room for creativity! These days, this creamy, coconutty, custardy creation comes in all shapes and sizes, with many bakers making solo-sized pies or mini tartlets. Even Jollibee came up with a crispy hand pie version. Others tweak their buko pie ingredients and introduce new flavors, like pandan, pineapple, yema, and durian.

If you’re planning to serve a coconut pie at your party, consider dressing it up to the nines. Surprise your guests with an extra special buko pie featuring these exciting ingredients.

1. Top With Cheese 

Who doesn’t love cheesy desserts? Whether in cakes, flans, or ice cream, combining salty and sweet always pleases crowds. Why not have it on top of your pie, too? Finely grate cheese over a slice and serve as is. Try cheddar, queso de bola, or Manchego, and see which one you like best. You can even mix and match varieties to create a unique profile.

Or why not go the extra mile and pop it in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese melts? Pro tip: Use the broil setting to get your topping brown and bubbly. You can also extend the cooking time until the cheese forms a crunchy crust. Alternatively, you can prepare a cheese sauce and drizzle it tableside.

2. Serve it à la Mode

Few things in life are better than ice cream on top of a warm dessert. So why not have a scoop (or two!) on your pie? Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream is an easy choice because it goes well with anything. But don’t be afraid to try other flavor combinations, too. Consider chocolate and strawberry or ube and cheese! Better yet, have a few flavors on hand and let your guests take their pick. Upgrade further with fresh fruits or sauces for garnish.

3.Add Ube Jam

Two desserts, one show stopping creation. Combine coconut pie and ube halaya and proudly banner the Philippine flag at your party. These two desserts feature similar ingredients, like coconut milk and butter, so putting them together should work smoothly. Pick a jam you can easily spread over your pie in one even layer. Or, serve a generous dollop on the side of each slice. Expect requests for second servings!

4. Drizzle Salted Caramel on Top

Caramel is a lifesaver whenever you need a last-minute meal-ender. A drizzle on your pie, and you’re good to go. But the key is making sure the caramel is salted. Using the plain kind will make your dessert exceedingly sweet.

The sauce is simple enough to make. You only need sugar, butter, cream, and flaky salt. Just be cautious while cooking because combining butter and cream will cause your mixture to bubble up vigorously. When ready, drizzle the luscious sauce over your warm or chilled special buko pie. If you’re feeling generous, leave your jar of salted caramel on the table for your guests to dig into.

5. Make a Dark Chocolate Ganache

Transform your pie by adding an indulgent layer of dark chocolate on top. This bitter treat will provide contrast to the sweet custardy center. You could do this in a few ways. The simplest is to decorate your dessert with shaved or grated chocolate and serve it as is. Another option is to melt a few chunks, then pour this over the slices.

But if you want to impress, prepare a ganache. Make this by stirring melted chocolate with cream and butter. Spread over your pie before slicing and serving.

6. Dust With Matcha Powder

If you’re expecting guests with adventurous appetites, try serving your pie with a dusting of matcha powder. Made from green tea leaves, the prized Japanese ingredient lends any recipe a distinct bitterness, subtle nuttiness, and a lovely green hue. You’ve likely seen numerous green tea desserts in the market, including mochi, cakes, and cookies. Now, it’s time to try the flavor on your pie.

Ready to party? These tricks can level up your buko pie in no time. Treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind dessert they won’t stop raving over. And who knows, you might even start a new food trend.

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