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7 Ice Cream Sundae Ideas for Halloween

7 Ice Cream Sundae Ideas for Halloween
Get into the theme: spooky, sweet, Halloween ice cream sundae recipes are a fun way to kick off a celebration.

What’s not to love about an ice cream sundae? The beloved American dessert requires dressing up scoops of your choice ice cream with whipped cream, flavored syrups, and toppings, like nuts and chocolate. A typical ice cream sundae recipe can go from a simple combination of these components to a very elaborate, over-the-top creation. It’s the perfect vehicle for creativity because the permutations are endless!

Assembling a sundae is always fun and collaborative, making it a perfect party activity for kids and adults. This Halloween, get the gang together by creating concoctions using your trick-or-treat candy haul! Here are some ideas to dress them for the spookiest season of the year.

Basic Ice Cream Sundae Ingredients

The ingredients listed here are the usual components of this dessert, but there are no rules! Let your imagination run free and come up with the flavor combination of your dreams.

Ice cream

Use a delicious, creamy, and thick ice cream as the base of your sundaes. Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream comes in party-ready tubs of 1.5 liters–enough to feed a crowd. Vanilla is a go-to flavor because it pairs well with any topping, but you can also try chocolate, mango, or ube.

Chocolate, caramel, or a fruit-based syrup

Let loose and drizzle your favorite sauce on top of your ice cream! Hot chocolate fudge, salted caramel, and strawberry syrup are classics.

Sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, and other toppings

Add some texture and color to your ice sundae with a variety of toppings: sweet rainbow springs, toasted peanuts, dark chocolate chips, or even candy-coated chocolate. You can also chop any chocolate bars from trick-or-treating.

Whipped cream

Cut through the richness of ice cream, syrup, and toppings with light and fluffy whipped cream. To get a pretty swirl on top of your sundae, opt for the canned variety with textured tips.

Fresh, dried, or preserved fruits

Who wouldn’t want to finish off a sundae with a cherry on top? Explore other delicious options like peaches, blueberries, or dried mangoes.

Halloween-Themed Ice Cream Sundae Designs

Get into the theme: Halloween! Here are some cute and spooky ice cream sundae designs you can prep for your party.

1. Drop orange food coloring into your vanilla ice cream base.

To make pumpkin-inspired, orange scoops of ice cream, simply add a few drops of orange gel food coloring into your softened ice cream base. A neutral base like vanilla makes it easy to incorporate new colors. After mixing, remember to refreeze your ice cream to make scooping and decorating into jack-o'-lanterns much easier.

2. Use your trick-or-treat haul for a candy sundae.

Here’s an easy, quick idea that kids will love! Top your ice cream sundaes with gummies, candy-coated chocolates, wafer sticks, marshmallows, and cookies collected from trick-or-treating. Transfer them into containers and let guests add four to five toppings per scoop. Just avoid using hard candies that can be difficult to chew or bite.

3. Make a classic ice cream banana sundae.

Feeling like the sugar rush is getting a little too over-the-top? Strike a balance with the sweetness by adding some fresh fruits. An ice cream banana sundae is the perfect fix. Slice some ripe bananas and serve alongside ice cream scoops of your choice. Top with crushed chocolate cookies to resemble dirt. You can also prepare a deconstructed turon by adding langka strips and serving them on fried lumpia wrapper cups. 

4. Enjoy some fizz with an ice cream float.

Hosting a get-together outdoors? Beat the heat by serving ice cream on top of soda. Add light toppings like whipped cream and syrup to decorate. Serve them in Halloween-themed cups with witch hat toppers to complete the look.

5. Make French toast the base of your sundae.

Here’s a sundae that’s merienda- or breakfast-friendly! Cut out spooky shapes from sliced bread and turn them into French toast. Try making them look like ghosts, skulls, or pumpkins. Finish with scoops of ice cream, cereal, fresh fruits, and chocolate syrup for good measure.

6. Use dark chocolate ganache to pipe creepy crawlers.

It isn’t Halloween if you don’t see some creepy crawlers sneaking around somewhere. Use store-bought or homemade chocolate ganache to draw Halloween-themed elements on your sundaes. You can also draw eyes and mouths on otap to look like ghosts, then make mango float cups.

7. Scoop ice cream onto a hot cookie skillet for a hot-and-cold treat.

Serve a skillet cookie à la mode, but make it extra indulgent by building an ice cream sundae on top of the cookie! Large scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce, and fresh strawberries will make any party guest happy. Once the hot fudge mixes with the ice cream, the whole concoction will look like a witch’s brew.

Take inspiration from your favorite Halloween elements to whip up one-of-a-kind ice cream sundaes. You can even choose a more Pinoy theme with local characters and mythical creatures. Eat well, and don’t forget to dress the part! 

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