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8 Graham Cakes Using Leftover Christmas Ingredients

8 Graham Cakes Using Leftover Christmas Ingredients
Dilute fruit jams with water and use them as topping for your graham cake.

Are you left with extra ingredients from preparing holiday recipes for your parties? Maybe there’s still a half-eaten leche flan and the last wedge of queso de bola in your fridge. Or are you already thinking of ways to finish a jar of ube jam and a can of corn kernels? Don’t let them go to waste! Use them to make graham cakes and savor the remaining gifts of the season.

How to Make a Graham Cake


Follow this five-step guide for preparing your fridge cake. Here’s a basic recipe you can play around with by adding your preferred flavors.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients.

Graham cake ingredients are all pantry staples. Here’s a list of what to prepare:

  • whole or crushed graham crackers
  • butter
  • sugar
  • all-purpose cream
  • condensed milk
  • toppings and other flavorings 

Step 2: Choose a container. 

Remember: an easy graham cake recipe shouldn’t require baking. And that means you can use any container you already have. The best choice is a clear, rectangular vessel so you can see the layers. It can be glass, plastic, or biodegradable starch. You can also consider ice cream tubs, llaneras, or recycled tin cans. Or why not use party cups, ice trays, or cupcake molds for mini versions?

Step 3:Prepare your graham layer. 

Now, it’s time to make the graham layer. Combine 1 cup crushed graham, ¼ cup melted butter, and 1 table spoon of sugar in a bowl. Mix until it resembles wet sand. And that’s done! Alternatively, keep your crackers whole and skip the butter and sugar. This method also works, especially if you’re in a rush.

Step 4:Make the cream layer.

Next, move to the cream component. Because you don’t want this layer too sweet, follow the 3:1 ratio when measuring your cream and condensed milk. For example, use 1½ cups all-purpose cream and ½ cup condensed milk.

Whip this mixture using a wire whisk until light and airy. You can keep it plain or add flavorings via syrups and other mix-ins. Another option is to mix in cream cheese to make a no-bake cheesecake. Want another trick? Skip the cream and condensed milk and use slightly softened Selecta Super Thick Ice Cream.

Step 5:Start layering. 

The next step is to layer – it’s just like making lasagna. First is your graham mixture; press it lightly at the bottom of your container so it can form a firm layer. Next goes your cream (or ice cream!); keep it smooth even in the corners. Lastly, add your toppings; try to form pretty shapes and creative designs. You can stop here or add another layer of graham, cream, and toppings. Once done, refrigerate your cake for four hours or overnight before serving.

Creative Graham Cake Flavors

Why settle for ordinary flavors if you can come up with one-of-a-kind takes? Just because you’re using leftovers doesn’t mean your cake can’t be extra special. Choose from these fun ideas!

1. Peach-mango

It’s rare to finish a can of peach halves for one recipe. Mix some with mango cubes to make a peach-mango graham cake, a shareable version of the fast-food favorite.

2. Fruit cocktail

Made fruit salad, crema de fruta, or a hot prawn salad for a party? You probably still have some sweetened fruits in your fridge. Maximize leftovers and prepare a fruit cocktail graham cake.

3. Mais con yelo

Like this chicken mushroom soup, many recipes don’t finish a can of corn. What to do with your extra kernels? Fold them into your cream layer and make a mais con yelo-inspired ref cake. Steal cornflakes from your kid’s stash and use them as a topping.

4. Halo-halo

This other frozen treat also wants to join the fun. Do you have extra leche flan, kaong, nata de coco, and gulaman from making all sorts of Christmas treats? Add them to your cake! Now might be a good time to use ice cream for that cream layer.

5. Ube-keso

You better use that jar of ube sitting in your fridge before it goes bad. Mix some with your cream for a proudly Pinoy ref cake. Don’t forget to add grated cheese on top for a sweet-salty profile.

6. Chocolate cookies

Cookies and cream is a classic combo that’s hard to beat! Crush some of your kid’s leftover chocolate cookies for the easiest Oreo graham cake.

7. Fruit jams

Did you receive a bottle of strawberry or blueberry jam but are already tired of spreading it on toast? Dilute them with water, then pour over your fridge cake. Easy!

8. Bibingka

Nope, you won’t add leftover rice cake to another cake. Instead, you’ll take its components, like salted eggs, queso de bola, and niyog, and add them to your chilled dessert. You need to try this!

Try different sweet and savory ingredients to make graham cakes. Check the leftovers in your fridge or pantry, gather the remaining components, and start layering! Who says you can’t have fun even when the festivities are done?

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