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10 Easy Father's Day Cake Ideas That Kids Can Help Make

10 Easy Father's Day Cake Ideas That Kids Can Help Make

Father’s Day is fast approaching. By now, many have already made restaurant reservations or have placed orders at their favorite cake shops. For the longest time, desserts have been a go-to present people turn to when they don’t know what to gift. And as it happens, dads can be one of the hardest people to gift. Which is why is why a Father’s Day cake is a popular choice.

Sometimes however, gifting the same cake can get boring. Quality can also suffer when bakeshops are rushing to meet consumer demands. Avoid gifting loved one's cake that may be of poor quality. Consider gifting desserts that are homemade. We’ve listed 10 sweet confections to make for your dad on Father’s Day.

10 Celebratory Treats to Make at Home

Get ready to go shopping coz we’ve got a lot of dessert ideas for you to try out. Perfect for gifting this coming Father’s Day, these cake options will trump commercial desserts easily.

Ice cream cake

Kids can’t decide whether to gift dear ole dad ice cream or a Father’s Day cake? Why not let them give him both! Store bought ice cream cake can be a little pricey, have the kids put together one instead.

Do this by visiting the nearest grocery and picking up a tub or three of his fave flavors. We suggest making a Neapolitan cake by layering Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream, Select Super Thick Super Chocolate Ice Cream, and Selecta Super Thick Strawberry Ice Cream in a cake tin. For easy unmolding, line the pan with cling film before placing the ice cream.

Frost the cake with whipped cream or a chocolate sauce drip. Crushed cream cookies, marshmallows, nuts and chocolate chunks as just some of the edible and decorative toppings that can be used.

Donut stack

Looking for an ultra-last minute “cake” idea? Here’s one you or your children can assemble quickly. Grab a dozen glazed donuts or a variety of frosted ones. Select a pretty plate and stack the fried dough on top of each other. If you don’t want the frosting sticking to the donuts, a tiered cupcake stand is all you need.

Crepe cake

Crepes are basically just thin pancakes. Flour, water, eggs, salt, milk, and butter are the basic ingredients of a crepe batter. But if you have a box of pancake mix, even better! Just follow the instructions on the packaging and start making thin griddle cakes. Get the kids to patriciate and assign them with some assembly duty. Use whipped cream, jam, peanut butter, or hazelnut spread as instant filling options.

Graham float

Graham floats make an appearance in many celebratory tables. Make simple Father's Day cake by busting out some graham crackers, all-purpose cream, condensed milk and fresh mangoes. No fresh fruits on hand? No worries. Canned fruit cocktail, or peaches will work in a pinch. Another thing you can do is have the chikitings pick an ice cream flavor and use that in place of the cream.


Bake from scratch or used boxed cake mix. Either way, Father’s Day cupcakes are a great alternative to buying cake and it can be made in toaster ovens. You can even turn it into a fun family bonding moment by setting up a cupcake decorating contest. Buy sprinkles, edible glitter, and fondant toppers and let the games begin!

Cookie cake

Not all tatays like cake. Some prefer biscuits, breads, or even cookies. Baking cookies however can be tedious. Reduce the time it takes to make cookies by using a cast iron skillet to bake the dough in. Fresh out of the oven, the giant cookie can be served with Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream for anà la Mode dessert.

Cake pops

A simple Father's Day cake can be crumbled up and turned into cake pops that dads, titos, and lolos would enjoy. It’s also a fun sensory experience for young children. Let the bulilits combine cooled cake with frosting. Have them shape the mixture into balls and then teach them how to dip each into melted chocolate. Delicious, easy to make, a cake pop bouquet would be a unique present to celebrate the day.

Stained glass gelatin cake

This no bake option also happens to be inexpensive. Gelatin can be found in groceries and marketplaces. Perfect for the papa who is watching his weight, gulaman can be prepared on the stove top and ahead of time.

Microwave lava cake

Microwaved lava cake in a mug is one of the best inventions of the century. If you are worried about kids making a mess, this one mug dessert can be made in 7 minutes from start to finish. Serve this easy Father’s Day cake while it’s still warm. Dust with powder sugar, cocoa powder, whipped cream and a strawberry.

Pizza cake

For the man who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, here’s one last item on the list – the pizza “cake.” Okay so technically these are just 4 pizza pies stacked on top of each other. But we’re willing to bet that some padre will be overjoyed to receive a towering plate of pie. We suggest heating up the pile to allow the cheese to meld and hold your cake together.

Homemade Cakes for the Personalized Touch

Parents are one of the hardest people to gift to. Whenever asked, often they will say they don’t need anything. This then leads to us randomly trying to find a present that isn’t impersonal. Which is why gifting family and friends with handmade presents is the way to go.

Homemade food items are generally a hit because who doesn’t like food? Pastries, cookies and Father’s Day cake are always appreciated more than a gift card or a haphazardly selected bottle of wine. To make your DIY cake even more unique and extra personalized, be sure to include the recipients favorite ice cream flavor into the recipe.

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