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9 Mother's Day Frozen Desserts Using 5 Ingredients (or Fewer!)

9 Mother's Day Frozen Desserts Using 5 Ingredients (or Fewer!)
Make ice cream sandwiches with store-bought cookies.

Mother’s Day should be every day. But officially, the once-a-year celebration happens in the middle of May – at the height of summer. So, if you want to get on your mom’s good side, you better plan activities that will help keep her cool (literally and figuratively!). Treat her like a queen with a pool party featuring fun parlor games and ihaw-ihaw. The cherry on top? The most refreshing frozen desserts are made from scratch.

Don’t fret! You can whip up a winner meal-ender in a breeze – with just five ingredients or fewer but still with lots of love. Pick the best one she’ll enjoy from this frozen dessert list.

9 Mom-Approved Frozen Dessert Recipe Ideas

You only need three ingredients to make froyo barks.

Here are heat-busting treats to consider making for mom. You can prep all these ahead (even weeks in advance!). But they also work well as last-minute gifts. Mom won’t even notice you almost forgot her special day.

1. Froyo barks

If your mom can’t stop munching on sweet treats, offer her froyo barks for a healthier alternative. You just need to spread store-bought yogurt on a parchment paper-lined baking tray. Top with fresh or dried fruits and chopped nuts, then drizzle jam all over. Freeze until firm, peel from paper, and break into shards.

2. Frozen fresh fruit salad

Looking to challenge mom’s classic fruit salad? Surprise her with this fresh version. Slice fruits into bite-sized pieces, then freeze them until firm. Right before serving, toss them in your preferred dressing. You can go light with a combination of honey and calamansi juice. But if you want a more indulgent take, prep salted caramel or melted chocolate.

3. Cookie ice cream sandwiches

Make your mom feel like a kid at heart with cookie ice cream sandwiches. No time to bake the treats from scratch? Go for the ready-made stuff. Buy your family’s favorite packaged cookies (try crinkles!), then mix and match flavors to make unique sandwiches. For the filling, you can’t go wrong with generous scoops of Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream. Don’t forget to roll the sides in sprinkles, chopped nuts, or chocolate chips before freezing.

Add food coloring to the mochi dough to match your ice cream flavor.

4. Mochi ice cream

Cook a full Japanese menu for your mom’s special meal! For dessert, you can try your hand at making ice cream-stuffed mochi. It’s so much easier than you think. Combine glutinous rice flour, sugar, and water in a bowl; microwave for one minute. Whisk, then cook for a few more seconds until soft. Roll on a cornstarch-dusted surface, cut into circles, and fill with ice cream. Seal, then set in the freezer for at least two hours.

5. Banana popsicles

Did you know that bananas become sweeter and creamier once frozen? Try transforming extra lakatan into popsicles! Slice each in half, then insert a popsicle stick through the flat end. Dip bananas in yogurt, then coat them with cereals, rice crispies, granola, or pinipig. Drizzle with melted dark chocolate, if desired, then freeze.

6. Buko-lychee sherbet

You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to prepare this well-loved cooler. Just combine fresh buko juice, coconut strips, canned lychees in syrup, and sugar in a bowl. Freeze and scrape just before serving. Optionally, you can blend everything before freezing. And try adding fresh milk for a creamier finish!

This mud pie is for the ultimate chocoholic mom!

7. Frozen mud pie

For the ultimate chocoholic mom, this mud pie is the answer. Combine crushed Oreos and melted butter; press mixture onto the bottom of a pie plate, cupcake liners, or individual cups. Scoop slightly melted chocolate ice cream over the base, then smoothen the top with a spatula. Garnish with more crushed Oreos and chocolate syrup before freezing.

8.Graham sans rival

This sans rival is the easiest version of the classic dessert! Start by whisking softened butter and condensed milk until combined. Take a freezer-friendly container, then layer the milk mixture, graham crackers, and cashews. Cover and freeze until firm. For a quick upgrade, flavor the base with instant coffee, ube halaya, or grated cheese.

9. Pineapple soft serve

Here’s a type of frozen dessert your mom can enjoy nonstop sans the guilt. Whip up a fruity soft serve even without special equipment! Combine pineapple chunks, coconut cream, honey, and salt in a blender or food processor; blitz until smooth and creamy. Done!

Want to make mom feel extra special? Prepare all these frozen desserts for the most important woman in your life. Yes, you can celebrate Mother’s Day for an entire week– or until the end of summer. 

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