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5 Must-Try Dips For French Fry Day Using Lady's Choice Mayo

5 Must-Try Dips For French Fry Day Using Lady's Choice Mayo

Celebrate French Fry Day by exploring all the delicious dips you can eat those crispy fries with. If you've always eaten your fries plain or with ketchup, you're missing out. These little golden potatoes hold up well against rich and indulgent dips, serving as the perfect base for whatever dip you fancy. The best part is you only need one ingredient as your base to make a variety of dips -- Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise. It adds a creamy tang to the dips that take fries to another dimension. Whether you like sweet, spicy, or savory, we have something in our top 5 list for you. We even have a bonus animal fry recipe to make things extra celebratory.

Let's dip into our top 5 must-try dips for french fries.

1. Barbecue Bacon Dip

Irresistibly smokey and salty, this barbecue bacon dip is perfect for fry lovers that love good grilled meat. The tiny bits of bacon add an extra depth of flavor to the dip while Lady's Choice Original Mayo amps up the creaminess, making it perfect for celebrating National Fry Day.

2. Spicy Mayo Dip

Say goodbye to ordinary spicy mayo recipes and embrace the Korean flavors in this Spicy Mayo Dip using gochujang. This french fry dip goes beyond your usual tangy-spicy combination by adding a rich depth of flavor to your fries. It's the perfect snack to binge on while watching your favorite KDramas.

3. Caramelized Onion and Bacon Dip

This must-try french fry dip is a medley of flavors that will surely satisfy discerning tastebuds. From the sweet caramelized onion to the salty bacon and creamy Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise, this dip is worth celebrating on its own during National Fry Day. It's delicious and versatile, a perfect accompaniment to crispy golden potatoes.

4. Savory Umami Bomb Dip

This simple yet flavorful dip is great for days when you're craving Asian flavors but don't want to bust out the wok. The flavors of the sesame oil with the peanut and Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise make for a great dip that's perfect for snacking or serving as an appetizer with fries at your parties.

5. Chili Honey Mayo Dip

This must-try french fry dip is for all the swicy food lovers out there. Be warned, this dip will make you keep coming back for more and more. The combination of creamy Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise with honey and chili makes for an addicting dip that's perfect with crispy french fries.

Bonus Animal Style Fries Recipe

Since it's National Fry Day, why not make creamy and tangy animal fries? Instead of the usual dip, this sauce is slathered on top of the french fries to create an extra-satisfying snack that you'll keep making over and over again. It's popularized by a famous burger chain on the West Coast of the US but it's really simple to make. Combine 1 cup mayonnaise, 8 tablespoons ketchup, and 6 tablespoons sweet relish. Generously drizzle this on top of your french fries and call it a day or take it to the next level by topping it with quick-melt cheese, crispy bacon bits, and caramelized onions. Bake until melted and enjoy!

Go outside your comfort zone with the humble French fry and try these dips out for yourself. If you have the time and energy, why not invite your friends over and make it a fry day party. Make a huge batch of fries and serve with this wide array of dips for a good time. Who knows? This might become your next yearly tradition.

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