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6 Quick Merienda Ideas Using This Morning’s Vigan Longganisa

6 Quick Merienda Ideas Using This Morning’s Vigan Longganisa
You can enjoy Vigan longganisa beyond the usual silog.

How do you usually enjoy Vigan longganisa? Do you simply cook it until golden, then enjoy it with sinangag, fried egg, and sukang Iloco? This silog is a winner in itself! But if you’re not venturing out of this meal – especially using leftovers! – you’re missing out.

This garlicky local sausage is a terrific pantry staple. Besides having a long shelf life, it also pairs incredibly well with other on-hand ingredients. Thus, you can enjoy it beyond breakfast and transform it into fun merienda fare you can serve the family anytime.

Learn how to cook Vigan longganisa pasta, sandwich, burrito, and more! Here’s a quick list of hearty treats to try today. 

1. Vigan Longganisa Aglio Olio

Add a sprinkling of toasted garlic bits to give your aglio olio a glow-up.

A classic aglio olio calls for only three ingredients: pasta, garlic, and olive oil. This simplicity makes it a terrific recipe to enhance using leftover ingredients like longganisa. Get the most flavor by using the rendered fat in the pan where you cooked the sausages. While it’s still hot, toss in the cooked noodles and garlic to soak up all that linamnam. Throw in crumbled meat and chili pepper flakes, then finish with more olive oil. Top with grated Parmesan and serve immediately.

2. Kesong Puti and Longganisa Sandwich

Load up your longganisa sandwich with vegetables.

Sandwiches are one of the easiest treats to put together using leftover breakfast meats. So next time you have excess longganisa links, add them to a tasty sub that your kiddos can gobble up after school.

To make this hearty ‘wich, slice a baguette or hotdog bun lengthwise, then toast it for a few minutes. Meanwhile, make a quick pesto-mayo spread. Combine three tablespoons of the basil-based sauce (store-bought is fine!) with a cup of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise. Slather this mixture on the insides of the toasted bread, then layer in lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, onion rings, chopped longganisa, and kesong puti. Serve with fruit shakes for a meal that will reenergize your chikitings!

3. Crispy Longganisa Wontons

Serve your wontons with ketchup or sweet chili sauce.

Can’t resist crispy fried food? Make longganisa-stuffed wontons! This straightforward snack lets you breathe new life into the local sausage in under 30 minutes.

Prepare the stuffing by combining crumbled Vigan longganisa, canned mushrooms, shredded carrots, and softened cream cheese. Fill store-bought wonton wrappers with this filling, moisten the edges with water, and bring the corners together to seal. Fry pieces until golden brown, drain on paper towels, and serve with ketchup or sweet chili sauce.

4. Meaty Longganisa Burritos

Balance out the flavors of meaty burritos with a squeeze of lime.

What’s a merienda treat you can prepare with a bunch of other breakfast leftovers? Burritos! Grab some tortilla wrappers and fill them with this morning’s fried rice, scrambled eggs, and crumbled sausages. Next, go all out with your mix-ins: chopped tomatoes, atchara, caramelized onions, shredded cheese, sour cream, and even avocado slices. Fold and roll your burritos, then lightly toast them on a dry pan. Enjoy warm with an ice-cold drink!

5. Garlicky Longganisa Ramen

Dress up your instant ramen with longganisa and kimchi.

A bowl of instant ramen can taste even better when you dress it up with umami-packed ingredients. Prepare your favorite noodles according to the package directions. A minute before it’s ready, toss in sliced longganisa, chopped mushrooms, and soft tofu. Turn off the heat, then stir in a fresh egg and kimchi. Garnish with chopped green onions and serve piping hot. After trying this version, you’ll never return to the regular stuff.

6. Longganisa Nachos

Use plain yogurt when you’re out of sour cream.

Got a bag of nachos, but you're all out of minced beef? Don’t fret! Just toss longganisa bits with taco seasoning in a pan until lightly crisp. Next, alternately layer nacho chips, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, onions, and pan-fried meat on a plate. Top with fresh tomato salsa and cheese sauce. Serve immediately to keep your chips nice and crunchy.

Learning to cook new dishes using leftover Vigan longganisa is a cinch. The trick is to treat it like a minced meat substitute. Except you won’t need to add a lot of other seasonings since your main ingredient is already so flavorful! Next time you end up with extra portions, choose from these merienda ideas and enjoy them with your family.

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