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Update Your Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe With Unexpected Ingredients

Update Your Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe With Unexpected Ingredients
Replace the usual lumpia filling with chicken, fish, or tocino.

Have you heard of the Lumpiang Shanghai King of Caloocan? Countless content creators have already featured the Pinoy cook in their YouTube vlogs and TikTok videos. And if you’ve seen any of them, you’ve likely been smitten by his lumpiang Shanghai recipes and ingenious entrepreneurial chops.

Mr. Darwin Figueroa started Popoy’s (named after his son) as an online business at the height of the lockdowns. He took orders via social media and delivered the fried rolls himself. In 2021, he mustered enough courage to put up a modest street stall, which he mans until late in the evening. His efforts have since rewarded him abundantly: customers come in droves to taste his “kanto-style” Shanghai. And rare are the downtimes when the queue does not snake around the neighborhood.

Feeling intrigued but don’t have time to line up for lumpia? While the taste of the original is hard to beat, you can try recreating the Shanghai King’s rolls in your kitchen. Give these recipe ideas a go and get your fill of those golden treats today! 

8 Creative Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe Ideas

Did you know that the Lumpia King prepares 1,800 rolls a day?

In the beginning, Popoy’s only worked around the classic pork lumpiang Shanghai recipe. But Mr. Figueroa knew he needed to up his game by offering variety. He developed new flavors and completed his lineup with seven other innovations. The result? He preps, fries, and peddles up to 1,800 crispy rolls each day. Take inspiration from these variations and introduce easy tweaks to your usual recipe.

1. Lumpiang giniling

This is the flavor you commonly expect at birthdays, reunions, and fiesta handaans. It contains ground pork, garlic, onions, and carrots and uses Knorr Pork Cubes, Knorr Liquid Seasoning, and pepper for linamnam. Want to give it an Oriental twist? Change up your lumpiang Shanghai recipe with kinchay, water chestnuts, mushrooms, sesame oil, and chopped shrimp. The taste will be closer to everyone’s favorite siomai!

2. Lumpiang isda

Go for fish if you want something light. You have several options for this variation. Easily, you can replace the meat in any recipe with canned tuna, shredded tinapang bangus, or flaked galunggong. Or you can take a cheesier route: combine mashed Spanish sardines (go for the bottled variety) with cream cheese, mayonnaise, red onion, celery, and carrots. Use the mix as usual but serve the rolls with a refreshing mango salsa on the side.

3. Lumpiang manok

From lechon to lumpia! Transform leftover roasted chicken into a flavor-packed spring roll. Just shred the meat and chop the skin into tiny bits, then mix in your preferred seasonings. Try a sisig-style filling with chopped chilies, red onions, and mayo. Or go Mexican via a premade taco seasoning, corn kernels, and tomatoes.

4. Lumpiang embutido

It’s unsurprising if you still have a roll or two of Christmas embutido in your freezer. Take them out of hibernation to surprise your loved ones with this lumpia variation. Simply slice the meat into three-inch logs, then top them with cheese. Don’t forget to serve your rolls with banana ketchup!

You can fry your lumpia straight from the freezer – no thawing required.

5. Lumpiang tocino

Do you sometimes lack the energy to cook a full breakfast meal? Don’t fret! Prep lumpiang tocino in advance, store them in the freezer, and fry them whenever – no thawing required. Think of it as your favorite tosilog in spring roll form. Yes, you can add scrambled eggs and sinangag in there!

6. Lumpiang Maling

Besides tocino, you can fill your all-day breakfast rolls with luncheon meat. You have two options for this. If you’re feeling generous, slice your Maling into thick strips, and then wrap them right away. But if you’re penny-pinching, chop them into smaller cubes and mix them with tasty extenders like potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. 

7. Lumpiang longganisa

Love Ilocos empanada? Make a lumpia version! Start by removing the longganisa’s casing, then crumble the meat with a fork. Next, mix it with grated unripe papaya, garlic, onion, pepper, and fresh eggs. Wrap, fry until golden, and pair with spiced vinegar for the complete experience.

8. Lumpiang togue

Going meatless but can’t give up Shanghai that easily? Togue is the way to go. Cook this simple bean sprout recipe, let it cool, and then wrap it into a lumpia. For more heft, mix in tofu, kamote, singkamas, and green beans. Want it on the sweeter side? Add cubed squash or raisins!

A pro tip from the Lumpia King: source your ingredients from the wet market to get the best quality at affordable prices. This way, you can keep your lumpiang Shanghai recipe low-cost but filled with comforting flavors. That’s the secret to how Popoy’s sells their rolls at ₱6 or ₱7 each. How much more convincing do you need? Try these upgrades today and let the good times roll.

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