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7 Cooking Shortcuts Using Cream of Mushroom Soup

7 Cooking Shortcuts Using Cream of Mushroom Soup
Cream of mushroom soup can make any simple dish burst with flavor.

Instant food can serve as a springboard for many cooking ideas. Yes, their beauty lies in their simplicity – but who says you need to stick to the package instructions? Cream of mushroom soup is the perfect example. You can cook it as per instructions and end up with a yummy soup. But you can also use it as a quick flavor-enhancing ingredient in many other dishes.

Make the most of this instant umami bomb with this list of cream of mushroom recipes. From Pinoy-style carbonara to party dips, enjoy a bonafide creamy feast.

How to Make Cream of Mushroom Soup Using a Mix

Instant soups are a godsend when you need comfort food but don’t have time or energy to whip something up from scratch in the kitchen. You can get a hearty bowl in just three steps:

  • Step 1: Pour Knorr Cream of Mushroom Soup packet contents into a saucepan.
  • Step 2: Add 1L (5 cups) of water and mix well. Bring to a boil.
  • Step 3: Partially cover to simmer. Stir occasionally until clump-free.

7 Dishes You Can Make With Cream of Mushroom Soup

1. Swedish meatballs

Furniture retailer IKEA initiated the rest of the world to Swedish meatballs, the country's unofficial national dish. These delightful goodies feature a few components: meatballs, gravy, lingonberry jam, and potatoes.

The recipe is easy if you make meatballs at home. Mix mushroom soup, cream, butter, and beef broth into a luscious sauce for the gravy. Soak the meatballs in it over low heat to absorb the flavor. Put your finished dish over classic mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles, with a dollop of jam on the side. Cranberry sauce and blueberry jam make fine substitutes for lingonberry.

2. Beef stroganoff

Classic beef Stroganoff is a Russian beef dish with mustard and smetana (sour cream) sauce. Since its introduction to the global culinary canon, it has seen many iterations. Modern American-style recipes typically add mushrooms, white wine, and Worcestershire sauce. They also replace the sour cream with heavy cream for a smoother texture.

Take inspiration from the U.S. version by making a few swaps. Use a packet of mushroom soup with water and sour cream (or heavy cream) for your sauce base. Sauté mushrooms, onions, and seasoned beef sirloin in a pan with butter and olive oil. Toss in sauce and serve over egg noodles, pasta, or steamed rice.

3. Pinoy-style carbonara

This party favorite is a riff on traditional Italian carbonara, which uses egg yolks and pasta water to create a silky sauce. The Pinoy version achieves a similar texture with cream, butter, and cheese. Some local recipes use mushroom soup for a richer consistency and added umami. Thicken the mix with a bit of cornstarch. It's an ideal alternative if you're short on cream or milk.

4. Salisbury steak

This American dish takes after German hamburg steak – the inspiration behind Pinoy fast-food staple burger steak. All three variations feature a juicy beef burger patty served with a savory brown sauce. Your options include a glossy demi-glace made with beef stock and red wine or simple mushroom gravy like stroganoff sauce. The primary difference is that this one also contains sliced mushrooms for added visual appeal, flavor, and texture.

5. Risotto

The best thing about this comforting Italian rice dish is that it all comes together in one pot. While broth is the traditional cooking liquid, you can swap it out for mushroom soup dissolved in water. All the other steps stay the same: be sure to stir constantly to keep the rice from burning and add the liquid one cup at a time. You'll know your risotto is ready when the rice is al dente and your soup-water mixture has reduced and thickened. Finish with black pepper and lots of Parmesan!

6. Shepherd’s pie

Unlike other pies, this meaty creation is completely crustless. Instead of a flaky butter crust, it’s topped with mashed potatoes. The pie filling comprises pantry staples, like ground beef, veggies, water, and mushroom soup to bind and flavor them. Just sauté everything until the beef browns, then transfer to an oven-safe dish. Top with your mash and bake until the potatoes become golden.

Optionally, add breadcrumbs for extra crunch and color. You can also make extra helpings of the gravy to scoop over every serving.

7. Mushroom dip

Looking for a shroomy snack to fall in love with? Try making a mushroom dip with your soup! It's the easiest recipe on this list, but it's packed with satisfying flavors. Just combine mushroom soup powder, water, sour cream, your choice of spices, and cheese. You can cook this by sautéing or baking the mixture in an oven for an ooey-gooey cheese pull. Load it up with finely chopped mushrooms, spinach for added color, and roasted garlic. Have it with crostini, tortilla chips, and a slice of crusty bread. Perfect for potluck parties!

Stretch a packet of cream of mushroom soup with these ideas. Try it in your creamy pasta sauces, rice toppings, gravies, and snack dips – then, experiment with more. Before you know it, instant mushroom soup will be the MVP of your pantry.

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