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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Egg Drop Sandwich With Pantry Staples

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Egg Drop Sandwich With Pantry Staples

Food lovers can’t get enough of K-dramas because they always spot new Korean delicacies to try. Case in point: the egg drop sandwich. It gets its name from the South Korean F&B brand EGGDROD, which launched in 2017. Three years later, the drool-worthy sandwich started appearing in hit shows like Hospital Playlist and quickly went viral.

These days, many local food businesses serve their own Korean egg drop sandwich recipes. But before you go straight for takeout, here’s some good news: it’s effortless to make at home. The basic version only requires bread, eggs, and cheese. Plus, there are numerous ways to level it up with pantry staples. Go, give it your own spin!

The Basic Components of a Korean Egg Drop Sandwich

Brioche bread

What sets this egg sandwich apart is the bread. Brioche is thick, buttery, and slightly sweet. It's not as flimsy as white “tasty” bread, so it provides a more solid structure for building your sandwich.

Scrambled eggs

Eggs play a significant role in this trendy dish. Whisk them with a splash of cream or milk, then cook over low flame. Remember to take them off the heat while they are still moist. This method achieves light, fluffy scrambled eggs with a bit of silkiness from the runny yolk.


Every good sandwich needs cheese. Sharp cheddar or American cheese squares are usual picks. They melt into the warm eggs and provide a salty contrast to the sweet brioche.


Different sandwich shops have their own take on a special sauce. Some go for a sweet-and-savory blend, while others mix in some spice. If you’re making this at home, start with a fool-proof base of mayonnaise and ketchup, then work from there. Sriracha, Knorr Liquid Seasoning, and mustard are reliable mix-ins to boost flavors.

Egg Drop Sandwich Upgrades Using Pantry Staples

1. Four cheese scramble

Combine shredded mozzarella, sharp cheddar, grated Parmesan, and cream cheese cubes. Add mixture to your scrambled eggs, whisk until well-combined, and cook on low heat. You’ll know it’s ready when the mozzarella is ooey-gooey. This selection of cheeses is a balanced blend of salty, rich, and melty – everything you want in a four-cheese scramble.

2. Easy, no-cook BLT

Most variations of this sandwich feature ham or bacon for a heartier take. Craving the same smoky taste but don’t have time to cook? Use Lady’s Choice Bacon Spread, made with real bacon bits, carrots, celery, and relish. Spread it all over your bread, add eggs, tomatoes, and lettuce, and then dig in. It’s the perfect five-minute meal.

3. Deviled egg and potato salad

Upgrade a simple egg salad spread with a few tweaks inspired by two potluck-worthy appetizers. First, boil eggs and peeled potatoes. Once cooked, separate the hard-boiled egg whites from the yolks. Roughly chop eggs whites and potatoes; set aside. Next, mash the yolks and mix with mustard, mayo, and vinegar; whisk to make a creamy dressing. Add chopped whites, potatoes, pickle relish, green onions, and black pepper. Enjoy with crisp lettuce on freshly toasted brioche.

4. Gilgeori(street toast)

The Korean creation called gilgeoritranslates to “street toast.” As the name suggests, the sandwich is a grab-and-go snack sold by street vendors. Its primary filling is an egg omelet loaded with cabbage, onion, carrot, and other veggies. It typically uses milk bread, but you can swap it out for brioche for a delicious egg drop crossover.

5. Peanut butter and eggs

Peanut butter and scrambled egg toast is a Taiwanese breakfast staple. It’s an unusual combination, but it works. The sweet, nutty peanut butter and rich, savory egg are even more satisfying together than apart. Plus, they make for one protein-rich sandwich that can get you through workouts and jam-packed workdays.

Wasn't that easy? The best thing about the egg drop sandwich is that you can adjust it to your taste. As long as you have some form of egg in your sandwich, you can get as creative as you want. Mix and match whatever you have in your pantry! You’re sure to come up with new and egg-cellent combinations to love.

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