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5 Reasons Why a Turmeric Powder Drink is Good for You

5 Reasons Why a Turmeric Powder Drink is Good for You

Turmeric is a vibrant, orange-yellow root that is part of the ginger family. It is popular in many parts of Asia and Southeast Asia. Turmeric’s active ingredient is called cucurmin, and is commonly prepared as turmeric tea in natural and Ayurvedic medicine because of its many health benefits.

It can also be made into turmeric powder, that’s why this nutritious root is often a pantry staple. But aside from being a popular spice, turmeric also has several health benefits. We’ve listed them down so you’ll know why a turmeric powder drink is a great addition to your daily diet.

5 Turmeric Benefits for Your Health

1 Boosts your immune system.

Turmeric is rich with nutrients like manganese, iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. It is known to be a nutritious root with antioxidant properties that can give your immune system a boost. The recommended daily intake is at least 500mg up to 1,000mg daily—that’s around two teaspoons of turmeric powder per serving.

2 Helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

Studies suggest that turmeric has anti-diabetic properties as it helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check. This will reduce the chance of having complications due to this disease.

It is recommended to drink turmeric tea while eating, as carbohydrates and fats present in food can help with nutrient absorption.

3 Relieves an upset stomach

Drinking turmeric tea can help you have a healthy gut. Studies suggest that turmeric can provide relief from gastrointestinal problems like stomach cramps, constipation, and indigestion. The best time to have it? Right before bedtime to get a good night’s sleep.

4 Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Turmeric helps in keeping your blood vessels healthy. It prevents clogging in your arteries, minimizing the risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack. It also helps in maintaining normal cholesterol levels, thus preventing the occurrence of other lifestyle-related diseases.

5 Relieves joint pains.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can help reduce the swelling and pain commonly experienced by those with rheumatoid arthritis. Studies also suggest that taking turmeric extracts can help lessen the pain and improve function in patients dealing with knee osteoarthritis.

How To Make Golden Milk Using Turmeric Powder

Golden milk is a turmeric powder-based tea that is a blend of turmeric, spices, milk, and sugar. For spices, we recommend cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg.

To make a glass of golden milk, gently heat the spices along with your turmeric tea for proper infusion. Then, add some milk (cow’s milk or plant-based milk are both awesome options) and sugar, depending on how sweet you want it to be.

Looking for a new way to prepare golden milk? Blend it with Selecta Super Thick Vanilla Ice Cream—a perfect partner for turmeric’s naturally earthy, musky, and slightly peppery taste!

Making a turmeric powder drink is quick and fuss-free, and anyone can reap its various health benefits. Learn more about daily cooking tips, new ingredients, and easy recipes from Selecta.

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