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Christmas Potluck Food Ideas With Christmas Potluck Party Foods

Christmas Potluck Food Ideas With Christmas Potluck Party Foods

Tis the season for Christmas potluck parties! Are you ready with your Christmas party potluck food ideas? If you’re still wondering what type of Christmas party potluck foods to prepare, don’t worry. We’ve developed a Christmas potluck food list for your convenience:

Beginning with Finger Foods and Starters

Classic Potato Salad

With all the heavy dishes on the Christmas potluck menu, you need dependable side dishes to balance out the hearty food. Our budget-friendly classic potato salad recipe can match most dishes in everyone’s Christmas potluck food list.

Egg and Bacon Canapes

Want to level up your Christmas potluck finger foods? This egg and bacon canape recipe will impress your guests and leave them wanting more. 

Ensaladang Mangga with Salted Egg

Don’t forget to add some side dishes to your Christmas potluck menu. This ensaladang mangga with salted egg is super simple but full of mango goodness. 

Pork & Shrimp Siomai

If you’re looking for Christmas potluck finger foods you can enjoy any time of the day, you’ll enjoy preparing pork & shrimp Siomai. All you need is some chili garlic soy sauce for dipping, and you’re good to go.

Swedish Meatball Sisig

Sisig is a staple bar chow in Filipino gatherings, but did you know you can use Swedish meatballs for sisig? Check out our take on the once-viral Swedish meatball sisig recipe. 

Vegetable Lumpia

What kind of a Pinoy Christmas potluck party is complete without the MVP of Filipino gatherings, the lumpia? Our vegetable lumpia recipe is a tasty way to make people eat their veggies. 

Carbo Loading Deliciousness

Baked Macaroni

Start the season on a jolly note with some scrumptious comfort food. Our holly, jolly baked mac recipe can put you and your loved ones in a cheerful Christmas spirit.

Chicken Macaroni Salad

A Christmas potluck mainstay you’ll want to perfect is the chicken macaroni salad. This delish dish is perfect for heavy merienda gatherings or as a side dish for big dinners.

Kung Pao Chicken & Peanut Sauce Pasta

Why order from that popular pizza chain when you can make Kung Pao Chicken & Peanut Sauce pasta at home or your next Christmas potluck party? Our version is even healthier. 

Meaty Spaghetree

Are you preparing Christmas potluck food for your kids or a kid’s party? Bring some joy to the dining table with our Meaty Spaghetree recipe.

Pancit Canton

Say this is it, pancit to our Paskong pancit canton recipe with a nutty twist. Adding peanut butter to this classic dish will take it to the next level. 

Pancit Guisado

If you’re a newbie in preparing pancit, our pancit guisado recipe is an easy-peasy gateway to making this dish a staple in your home and Christmas potluck food parties. This dish works well with most food already on the table. 

Yang Chow

Add a Chinese twist to your Christmas potluck party menu with some Yang Chow. This is a budget-friendly dish you can enjoy this holiday season and beyond.

Potluck Entree Powerhouses

Beef Tacos with a Filipino Kaldereta Twist

It doesn’t have to be Taco Tuesday to enjoy some of this Mexican favorite. But did you know you can add a Filipino Kaldereta twist to beef tacos? Si! Our unique beef tacos recipe is a fusion you should definitely try. 

Christmas Crispy Tadyang

Beef up your next Christmas potluck dinner with our easy yet delicious Christmas Crispy Tadyang recipe. This Christmas potluck food is ridiculously simple but packed with a lot of flavor. 

Christmas Ham

No Noche Buena or Christmas potluck menu is complete without the classic Christmas ham. Your next Christmas potluck party will be one to remember with our scrumptious recipe.

Christmas Sinigang na Lechon

Who says you have to just reheat your lechon? Add some asim-kilig to this Christmas staple with our Christmas Sinigang na Lechon recipe. 

Crispy Pata

Your diet can wait until after the holidays, right? Indulge in some sinfully delicious Crispy Pata at your next Christmas potluck party.

Garlic Mayo Chicken Wrap

It’s a wrap on your Christmas potluck food search! Our easy garlic mayo chicken wrap recipe is packed with flavor but super easy to prepare. 

Garlicky Beef Salpicao

This is for all the garlic lovers out there. Add a sophisticated twist to your next Christmas potluck party with delicious garlicky beef salpicao.

Ginataang Alimasag

Did you score some fresh crabs this holiday season? Add a Bicolano twist to your Christmas potluck food menu with our 20-minute ginataang alimasag recipe. 

Korean Adobo

We all know that adobo is a classic Pinoy dish, but did you know you can add a K-twist to it? Your bias will surely love this Korean-style Adobo recipe. 

Lechon Paksiw

Of course, we’ve another recommendation for all the lechon lovers. Another popular way to enjoy leftover lechon is Lechon Paksiw. This is a two-step recipe you wouldn’t want to miss.

Longganisa Burger

Why serve basic beef burgers for Christmas potluck party food when you can give your burgers some Pinoy flair? Our Longganisa burger recipe can be made with most ingredients in your pantry. 

Pinoy Lechon Manok

Have a winner-winner chicken dinner with everyone’s favorite Pinoy lechon manok. Our beginner-friendly recipe will be a sure hit at your next big gathering.

Pork Barbecue

Give your favorite pork barbecue an umami goodness kick with our umami-rich pork BBQ recipe. The secret to this recipe is marinating the pork overnight. 

Pork Caldereta

Are you expecting balikbayans at your next Christmas potluck party? Give them a delicious Pinoy-style homecoming with our quick pork caldereta recipe. 

Sweet & Sour Sampalok Wings

Don’t serve dull chicken wings at your next Christmas potluck party. Try our sweet & sour sampalok wings recipe for an explosion of flavor with every bite. 

Just Desserts

Adobo-Flavored Cookies

Yes, this isn’t a joke. You can make cookies with almost all the traditional adobo ingredients in your pantry. These Adobo-flavored cookies are one of the easy Christmas potluck ideas you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Chocolate Cake

It’s the holidays, right? So let them eat cake…literally! Our moist chocolate cake recipe is something you should indulge in this season (and beyond). We won’t judge.

These are only some of the delicious Christmas potluck party food recipes we have on Recipedia. Explore our website for more mouthwatering food ideas this holiday season and beyond.

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