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7 Food and Beverage Trends to Try This 2023

7 Food and Beverage Trends to Try This 2023

The way we eat and cook food is always evolving and that’s what makes it exciting. In this article, we’re exploring food trends this 2023. From food collaborations to new food ingredients worth trying, we’ll see food trends that are looking to shape the food and beverage industry this year. Plus, a growing global trend that will make you feel proud of your heritage!

Swicy Food

Fusion food has always been popular wherever you go but have you heard of fusion flavors? Swicy is exactly what you think it is – spicy meets sweet. Chalk it up to the popularity of KDramas and Korean Fried Chicken with their sweet & spicy sauces, swicy food is on the rise this 2023. Examples of swicy food include hot honey, chili chocolate, and the TikTok viral mangonada which is made of a mix of sweet mango with chili lime powder among other ingredients. Try this swicy baked chicken wing recipe flavored with Knorr Liquid Seasoning to get in on this trend.

Plant-Based Filipino Food

More and more Filipinos are trying to eat more plant-based Filipino food and for good reason. Plant-based eating has been shown to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart ailments. In a country like ours, that’s heavy on meat, more and more people are looking for alternative food that can help them stay healthy for longer. Another contributor to plant-based eating is the economy. With the rise in inflation and tightening of budgets, people are looking for cheaper alternatives to their usual meat. If you want to eat plant-based but don’t know where to start, check out this collection of plant-based recipes for beginners.

Potato Milk

We’ve seen the rise of alternative milks for the past years from nut milks to oat and now to potato milk. Yes, the versatile potato has another use for it and that’s creamy and neutral-tasting milk. A number of alternative milks face issues when it comes to sustainability and its impact on the planet. Take for example almond milk which is reported to use about 23 gallons of water for every gallon of almond milk produced. Potatoes don’t have this issue. Potatoes grow virtually anywhere and have a very small carbon footprint making potato milk a great alternative plant milk choice. Expect to see this trending milk from your favorite food bloggers or maybe on the shelves soon.

Canned Fish

With rising costs, more and more people will turn to canned meats, specifically canned fish like tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Tinned Fish is also a more sustainable way to get the heart-healthy benefits of fish like omega-3 acids because it’s usually made from fish that’s abundant and has less environmental impact. All thanks to this and the Tik Tok tinned fish craze, we’ll be seeing more people using up canned fish in their daily rotation. Get started with the tinned fish craze by making the recipes in this article.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Coming from the pandemic, people have grown more aware of the effects certain food and beverages have on our bodies. We’ve seen a global rise in non-alcoholic parties and people searching for non-alcoholic party drinks. More and more brands are also jumping in on this trend by releasing non-alcoholic beverages. Locally, you can find alcohol-free beer created by a big brand brewery, showing us that this trend might be here to stay for the long run.

Collaborations Between Popular Food Producers

A recent trend that’s made its rounds in social media is the big-brand collaboration that led to flavored mojos. Who can resist those delicious mojos flavored with those delicious french-fry powders with a cult following? Expect to see more collaborations between popular food brands, restaurants, and producers to create trending food that we’ll all be excited to try. If you want a local take on these popular flavored mojos, try this sinigang-flavored mojos hack.

Nutrient Dense Pastas

Pasta is continuing to grow in popularity across the globe. From the recent baked feta pasta craze now comes a new trend of using nutrient-dense pastas made from alternative flours. More than whole wheat alternatives, new foods to try are protein-rich pastas made from chickpeas, peas, and other pulses and legumes. Aside from their quick cooking time, it’s an easy way to make pasta healthier while getting an additional dose of vitamins and minerals. To hop on this healthy food trend, try making this Vigan Longganisa Pasta using nutrient-dense pasta. You can find these pastas online or at your local health food grocery.

Filipino Food is On The Rise Globally

Thanks to talented chefs and social media food sensations, Filipino cuisine is gaining global popularity. From tortang talong being named as the best egg dish in the world to Kasama being the first Filipino restaurant to get a Michelin star, more and more people are becoming aware of Filipino food outside the infamous Ube craze. Expect to see more foreign chefs taking a crack at traditional Filipino food and modernizing of our favorite classics. We’re here for this long-overdue recognition that Filipino food deserves! Try making the recipes in this article for a quick flavor trip around the Philippines.

It’s exciting to see the world of food evolve as more trends come out of different parts of the world. Trying new food, trending ones to be exact, is a great way to go on a culinary adventure. Try these trending recipes and who knows, you might just be the next TikTok food sensation.

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